This past week I attended a typography conference in Seattle; I don't normally go to them but couldn't pass up the chance to attend so close to home! It was far more hectic and busy than I expected due to having many impromptu Actual Work meetings -- plus it was an excellent opportunity to chat with all the global folks I work with and rarely get to see! Was quite happy to have aimed for creative business-casual for the entirety... Was less happy at how early I had to get up each morning since I was driving into the city versus staying downtown but I managed  

I did consider planning the entire conference wardrobe ahead of time but, as a mood dresser, that rarely works for me. Instead I selected about 10 outfits I've already worn and know felt fab then chose from the list each morning. Each day's needs were slightly different though highly walkable shoes daily were a must, plus comfortable for loooong days. The weather was also a little ridiculous, with the first few days around 90F and the latter few days down to 70F. Happily the AC at the hotel wasn't crazy so it was perfectly fine to "dress for the weather."

#2 Wednesday 08.24. To attend a Mariners game with a big group on a very hot day, then later in the evening to attend the conference's opening lecture. I found this day's outfit by far the most challenging! Opted to skew casual with team colors, accented with gold filigree earrings and cognac/snakeskin for bag/shoes.
#3 Thursday 08.25. Had a half-day workshop to attend so again opted to skew casual; I also knew I would have two 20+ minute walks going to and from the workshop location, again in very hot weather. I love pairing taupes with white and this has been a favorite outfit this summer. Finished with blush rock crystal studs, my biggest sunnies, and peach better-than-nude lip balm.

#4 Friday 08.26. First full day at the conference spent almost entirely in worky meetings, plus a lovely long social dinner event outside on the patio. I figured a ballroom full of graphic and type oriented folks would enjoy a hectically bright outfit so I chose another favorite. Unfortunately the fabric along one of the seams on these pants started to pull apart so it was good that my top was longer! Not sure if it's fixable, need to take it in to check.

#5 Saturday 08.27. Conference lectures and more meetings this day, followed by a lovely dinner at the home of a local designer we recently collaborated with. Extra tired this morning so a graphic dress made the morning much simpler! Paired with my usual faves for this dress: gold (shoes, giant hoops), white (clutch), and cherry lip gloss. Easy peasy.

#6 Sunday 08.28. A split for the final conference day: morning lectures, lunch with forum member Ann (dashielle), then back to the conference for dinner and an evening drinks event. Had lots of comments on the sleeveless turtleneck; after a few days in Seattle, many non-locals suddenly had a very clear understanding and appreciation of how the PNW climate is perfect for this kind of seasonally confused garment ^^

And apologies but I didn't remember to snap a photo with Ann but of course she looked fabulous! She was wearing the lovely navy loooong R&B vest over a navy top, and then I think black skinnies and boots (my brain had stopped working by Sunday). After a yummy lunch at Serious Pie we stopped by Nordies to drop the vest off for alteration and take a peek around the fancy fall stuff which was fun.

#7 Bonus. Action icon workshop photo, complete with terrible posture (really should fix that, someday). That is my little fishie on the big screen, heh.

It was wonderful being able to shop my closet for the entire conference, and not feel like I had to go out and rush to buy anything new. Being home each night was also nice even though the commute cut a chunk of my sleep. If I were traveling I would totally take this same approach even if it meant over-packing (I'm usually a lighter packer). Anyone else pack like this for conferences versus a true capsule or planning each day ahead of time?

As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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