Those of you who've been here a while (and probably even those who haven't) know that I generally don't enjoy wearing black. And rarer still will I wear all black. However when I saw SarahTheWhite's lovely faux jumpsuit outfit yesterday, I felt compelled to try something similar! Of course, not having a lot of black items made this more difficult than I'd expected. I tried this with all of my black tops ("all" *cough* four of them) and only this one had the right the vibe, although my black PJs tee worked pretty well too

There are several reasons this outfit feels great for me, even though I'm wearing so much black:

- First off, LOTS of skin. Between the deep v-neck, exposed forearms, exposed calves, and low vamp shoes I feel like I've got more than enough lightness to counter the heavy feeling I get when I wear black.

- Secondly, not wearing black shoes. The addition of the snakeskin and tan also help lighten the look, plus the tan adds just a touch of extra color interest. I think I'd also like the look with my dalmatian ankle flats as well.

- And the third is two fold: a mix of very soft (fabrications, hair) and glam (sequins, deep red lipstick, double-coated mascara) keeps this feeling like me. I had originally thought I'd put my hair up, and if I'd done that I'd have sported a soft pink lipstick instead of the deep red; that hair adds glam and lipstick adds soft, so the balance is kept.

Yes black works well for me (both in color and style), and yes I'll don it here and there but it's soooo much more work to make it feel right. This one totally hits the spot, so thanks for the wonderful inspiration SarahTheWhite! And for fun, a copycat tree pose as well ^^

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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