I was very excited to see how my wardrobe feels with the new cut! I wouldn't say the cut is wardrobe item revolutionary, but it does take one less "accessorizing" step out in the morning (deciding how I'm going to style my hair for a particular outfit), and I love how it adds auto-spunk to everything (which I'd been using my high pony for). Will keep an eye out for any subtle style shifts. Nearly all of these are outfits I had jotted down to try quite a while back, that for some reason or other hadn't been worn yet. Because of that there's not a big change in style of my outfits of this week, though I have started eyeing some pieces that are more classic which I hadn't been wearing much lately.

One interesting thing I did notice after looking through this week's photos: I wore a lot more black than usual! I think with the longer hair it was dramatic enough to be a dark focal point on its own, and with the shorter hair it feels like I need a little more darkness to balance out. 3 of the 4 feature a good dose of black (and even the 4th has a little bit of black), whereas usually it'd be the reverse proportions (at least for summer).

  1. Tuesday; worn to work, then had a friend over to keg homebrew. I've had this outfit in my head for quite a while, and was happy that it finally "felt right" with the shorter hair. I know a lot of people don't like to wear black and orange together but I love it, especially with a healthy dose of white added in. And some bright cobalt doesn't hurt, either Haven't worn these giant doorknocker earrings in a while, but I love how they looked buried in the shorter curls.
  2. Wednesday; worn to the post office, work, and stopping for take out for dinner. Been wanting to give these silky cargos another styling try; they're still a bit out of my comfort zone but I really like them, drop crotch and all. Was feeling bright so I went with bright turquoise and bright orange, with a nude shoe to keep things a little more toned down. Felt very sporty in this one.
  3. Thursday; worn to Nordstrom for NAS presale, mechanic, and out to dinner. Last summer I wore a LOT of this color combo, but for some reason haven't been into it much this year. Now that I have white jeans it's been popping into my head again. I wanted something comfy and easy to shop in for NAS, and specifically pants because I find shopping for tops in skirts never works out. However, it was WAY too hot for pants; needless to say the blazer didn't get worn much!
  4. Friday; worn for date night (sushi and a movie). First time wearing this linen shirt out (and it managed to rub a ton of orange off onto my white bag >< ). I quite liked how it looked paired with the gray jeans when I did the K/R post, but swapped to flats because hubby prefers them to heels.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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