As I said in my previous WIW post, prior to getting my hair cut I decided to wear it up the two weekends before, and down the week before. So here they are ladies, the last work outfits with my hair down before the Big Chop!

  1. Tuesday, worn to work and then the monthly local typography get together. I wanted to do a white-out outfit while I had lots of dark hair to add drama to the look. I almost went full on with a white bag and nude lips, but decided I was more in the mood for bright pink lips and emerald bag.
  2. Wednesday, worn to work. Also wanted to get one more Really Boho Look in with the long hair! Based on an outfit I wore last summer which I never posted, so it's new to you gals ^^ You can't see them too well, but I've also got bright fuchsia toe nails because I just love how fuchsia looks with red! Since most of YLF is on a BF jean kick, these are my BF flares from last spring; they are SUPER DUPER baggy
  3. Thursday, worn to work and out for dinner. This was an outfit I had jotted down to try a month or so ago. Imagine my surprise when I got to work and found Angie's post of the lovely Karen wearing almost the exact same thing that day! It ended up being too hot for the blazer (!) so it was only worn indoors.
  4. Friday, worn to work then out for date night. This was the day I was _supposed_ to get my hair cut, but my girlfriend who I was going with to try her stylist had to cancel at the last minute (which worked out just fine!); hubby and I then planned to go to a baseball game, but shortly before the game it started pouring (and I mean POURING) and the game was rained out. So this outfit was designed to work for both of those events, even though I didn't do either: I'd wanted something casual enough for the game, but that would still give the stylist a sense of my style. The jacket was for nighttime at the game, so it didn't get worn. I did end up wearing this same sweater the following Monday when I finally DID get my hair cut

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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