Some recent outfits! I've started taking Mondays off because in the summer with all the weekend activities, I am rarely able to finish housework/get enough personal time, so my week's worth of outfits will be a bit shorter for a couple months. I just realized after looking at the thumbs for this week that I wore skinnies every day except one! And that I seriously failed at not wearing jeans every day.

Recently I jotted down a whole bunch of both work and casual weekend outfits for those days when I'm struggling in the morning, and especially for weekends when hubby is rushing me (which gives me outfit panic); now if I need a quick outfit I can just pick one off the list, easy peasy. Three of this week's outfits (#2, 4, 5) were taken off the list, so I'd say it's proving super handy so far!

  1. Tuesday, worn to work. LOVE this!! On a whim I decided to button this blouse all the way up (I usually leave it open) and am totally totally smitten with how it looks. One of my very most favorite outfits of the season!
  2. Thursday, worn to work, shopping with my sis, and out for dinner with hubby. Was sick the previous day and still feeling a bit ill, but what better way to combat that than to wear a fab outfit I usually wear this vintage blazer in fall/winter, but it's an all-season piece; I think I was able to lighten the rest of the look up enough to feel seasonally appropriate (though it's a wee bit top heavy).
  3. Friday, worn to work, to ferret-sit for a friend, and then out for date night dinner. Lingering ill effects from the cold, and just wanted to be comfy-comzy. I am enjoying wearing my cardigans buttoned up like blouses this season, but most are v-necks and those are a bit trickier. I liked the effect of layering over this bowed blouse, and will definitely try something similar again. Oh and I was wrong: apparently the Report booties DO work with some of my skinnies
  4. Saturday, worn for lunch. Mostly spent the day gardening, in gardening clothes this time Another outfit off my list, which made for very stress free dressing. I am digging this soft coral utility jacket for weekend looks!
  5. Sunday, worn out to brunch with my in-laws for MIL's birthday. Debut of white skinnies (finally!!), but I seem to have shrunken since purchasing so they're a bit looser than I like. I think this outfit worked better on paper than in practice; this new blouse is a lot shorter and boxier than I had anticipated! I was initially going to wear a gray tank underneath, but one of Angie's pinterest pins caught my interest and I decided to try pink instead. I don't wear this type of soft pink much, but I do like how it looks with a black and white graphic outfit.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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