In true mood dressing fashion, today I could tell you why this outfit might work but not why I put it together the way I did.

Initially, I was inspired by this pinned outfit. I love the orange/black/white color combo and wear it frequently though less frequently than I did last year (recent examples 1|2|3), so I couldn't say that I was necessarily inspired by the colors there. I do have a bright orange sweater and I do have a snake print skirt, and had in mind the idea of pairing them together (similar to the way Mary recently did). But as the morning wore on the less I wanted to wear that. Not just that I didn't feel like it, it was a seriously strong emotional desire against it. Very strange. Yet I was still attracted to the outfit. So I thought about what it was that was REALLY appealing about the outfit, what was it that if removed would totally change it. And I decided it was the silhouette and proportions: a very long oversized sweater over a slim skirt. That was what I wanted to wear today.

Happily the only sweater long enough was this light blue one, which satisfies my current inclination to pair any black with pastels. I realize this won't be for everyone; the sweater is big, like tent-ish big, so that is a lot of light blue going on without any breakup. But it's super duper soft (and fuzzy) and has excellent drape to it, so the volume doesn't bother me.

I'd already rebelled against the more classic rendition of the outfit, so my initial choice of black/pony pointy ankle-strap flats was out. No idea why, they're plenty current looking. Perhaps a bit too classic then. Pumps were out too in that case. Thought about sneakers, loafers, booties... None felt right. Instead I pulled out my rarely-worn oxfords, from the very back of my shoe rack. They felt perfect! I also tried every single purse I own (no joke). Again nothing felt right until this tan/neon orange clutch. And again, no idea why. If I could've paired ANY purse, I'd have chosen a holographic clutch. Which I don't have but perhaps I should remedy that ^^

So there you have it, completely emotional dressing today that even I couldn't completely parse. I do feel like it all works quite nicely, though, and felt quite happy in it. What do you ladies think?

Nail detail photo in yesterday's post. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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