Anna posted these pale yellow/mint/blush slip-ons a month ago, and at the time I collected them as a fun potential pastel slip-on for my weekend capsule. I kept thinking about them, and was surprised to see that I was the only one who'd collected them. And, truthfully, the contrarian in me rather liked that no one else had; not that I would mind otherwise, I mean this is the GAP -- about as mass market as it gets. I ordered a pair immediately. Well, two pairs, my usual two half-sizes, and the website listed as sold out shortly afterwards [EDIT: Looks like they're back in stock now]. They finally arrived late last week, and to my dismay GAP sent me two pairs of the larger size! But due to the GAP's somewhat inconsistent quality on sizing, one pair fits a bit smaller than the other (hooray for once). I love them so much that I am going to happily trot out there in far chunkier white soles than I would ever have expected to be comfortable in. If I can't get used to how I look in these cutie-pie sneakers, then there is no hope for me

So for the first time I am able to sport a sporty-luxe outfit that has actual sporty footwear (which has always been my primary luxe). The whole bottom half is actually rather sporty with the rolled relaxed jeans, but then less sporty because the jeans are white. The luxe comes from the oversized silk-sleeved sweater and giant gold hoops, both of which would be sporty on their own in different fabrication/scale, plus a double coat of mascara. The energetic striped hard clutch has a sporty feel to it, too. Debated going light on the lip color, then debated going bright... But decided that I needed my small chaotic element so chose a darker plum gloss instead. Overall more luxe than sporty (no surprise), and yet sportier than other sporty-luxe outfits I've worn (big surprise). VERY happy with how the whole thing turned out, "chunky" sneakers and all! Thanks for the fab find, Anna ^^

I also ended up with matching nails, though that wasn't my initial plan. I'd expected the yellow to be brighter and the white to be whiter, and since the contrast wasn't high enough I added the mint "stripe" (with a dotter, which isn't the best option for painting lines heh). Not what I'd planned but fun nonetheless.

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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