I felt like it had been a while since I pulled out my brights, although with all the white I wear one could argue that I never stopped. Either way, this outfit popped into mind perusing my Pinterest inspiration board and coming across this pin while looking for something else entirely. When I pinned it last year I'd noted that I was inspired by the color palette (mint + coral/orange + mid-blue + white), and I'm finding it just as delightful this year. Swapped the white for a blushy-tan, which makes the look a bit less graphic, but I rather like the softness it adds to the brights.

This outfit is full of things I haven't worn in a while. First the shoes: I'm definitely happier in light and almost-nude footwear these days, but these cobalt pumps are soooo comfy that they will remain in my wardrobe until they fall apart. Second the pants: probably haven't been worn since last summer, and I'm happy we've finally got the weather to start pulling them out again. And third the scarf: while this particular scarf is new, I have been off my scarves for a couple of years but do still enjoying wearing them from time to time; as a result, I've been making sure I don't purchase more than one or two a season (if at all). This particular scarf completely catches my heart as I have a soft spot for fishies, the print is beautifully soft, it's full of colors I love (mint, aqua, orange), and it's both super gauzy and huge in size. Pretty perfect for me.

Accented those three things with my brightest sweater in one of my favorite colors (go Team Orange), mixed metals (copper studs, rose-gold watch, gold sequin clutch), and soft pink lipstick. This is slouchy/soft/oversized to the max, with only the pumps and little bits of exposed skin providing the little bit of structure in the look. A little more old-school-Aida perhaps, but still a beloved silhouette.

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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