Today I had to get up several hours earlier than normal to carpool with my husband so I could get my car, which I left at his work before the baseball game yesterday. I am not in the least a morning person, so you all get to enjoy super sleepy faces. As I mentioned in my comment at the end of yesterday's post, at the game I managed to drop and break my beloved little camera. The one I've used daily for the past 4 years to take outfit photos. Hubby insists that it'll be good to upgrade but I'm not looking forward to it at all >< We'll tinker with the camera this weekend and see if it's fixable, preliminary signs unfortunately point to no. I'll be using a cheapie backup point-and-shoot until we find a good replacement but the exposure and processing on it bothers me tremendously. Bah. That's all the complaining I'll do about the camera, please pardon the (hopefully) short-lived lapse in my usual photo quality

Hubby was sweet enough to snap these photos real quick before we left this morning. Plus I was able to stop by a favorite little bakery that I don't get to visit often after moving away from that area, and had a delicious spinach and goat cheese baked croissant for breakfast. Yum! That was enough to perk my day up ^^ I also ended up having an impromptu birthday lunch out with my folks and sister in the middle of work, finished off with birthday boysenberry gelato. More yum!

I'm pleased with the outfit, even though I was totally half asleep when I put it together! I went into full auto-pilot mode, relying on a favorite fall-back formula, but one I usually wear in fall/winter -- it's extremely gloomy out today, rain galore. Decided to go full on with the neutrals because I knew they'd all work nicely together without having to think about it. I was planning to put my hair up but couldn't muster the energy, so I popped on a new extra slouchy openweave beanie. Happily I did have enough thought-power to swap my purse things to the taupe clutch (the black foldover from yesterday would've looked silly) as well as grab a cheerful bright orange lip balm. A success considering how ineffective I usually am when that sleepy!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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