I wanted to give my floor-sweeping hems a quick whirl before the rain comes back for a short visit. Today's weather was very pleasant, warm and breezy, so I started with these lightweight very fluid trousers. The wind made them even more swishy than normal!

My recent foray with a black top and light bottoms has me thinking about pairing black with softer lights as opposed to pairing with white like I would normally do. It's a softer high contrast alternative, and I'm especially interested in pastels as the light shades. These pants usually get paired with lights or brights, but today this black crane tee was extra appealing because I liked how the gold looked with the gray. Went full-on matchy with the rest of the outfit: black pointy pumps, black foldover clutch, and giant gold double-hoop earrings. Fluffy curls and a soft natural pinky-red lip color for extra boho touches.

Normally I wear a wide-strapped tank underneath this tee, as the neckline is excessively wide and likes to move around quite a lot as I do. But today I wasn't feeling the sporty vibe that provides. So , inspired by Joy's comment in her recent post on Galway street fashion about the French woman she saw, I did something I rarely do: I skipped the tank and just wore a pretty lacy blush bra underneath with the intent that it might be "glimpsed". The pretty straps only show occasionally when the neckline slides, and the rest only a little peek if you were at the right angle as I were moving. Normally bras are just utilitarian for me, and I'm not often into showing them for myself, but I did like the effect today; the seam didn't show as much in person as it does in the photos, I promise.

This is a pretty heavy volume-on-volume look. But the mostly exposed arms and neck along with the pointy pumps provide enough structure for me, plus even though the pants are very oversized they're still tailored. I think it looked even better in person, the fluidity made it very tough to photograph.

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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