A quick side story that is probably funnier to those not me (OK also to later me, once I get this resolved): Today my blow dryer quit, just stopped turning on. What's a gal to do when her hair is full of goo and soaking wet?? Well, the obvious option: "blow dry" over a heating vent. Yep. This is heating vent hair, ladies. While I wouldn't recommend this as a styling technique, all things considered it's pretty good I'm unexpectedly happy that it cooled down enough today that I could turn the heat on for a bit! Also that I don't wash my hair daily.

Even though it's 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, it feels warmer than the temps show because it is quite muggy out (here comes that rain). I'd originally planned to wear this to a ballgame which turned out to be next week, but it's perfect for the type of mild weather we've got today. Initially I had the jacket open with a dark teal tank and my gold smoking slippers... and disliked it so much I almost scrapped the look. On a whim I tried zipping up the jacket and it instantly felt a lot better. What a surprise! I did like the look with the gold flats, but today was in a daintier mood so I went with the white pumps instead. Accessorized with a layered coral necklace that only partially shows through the asymmetrical collar, pearl studs, and my sequin clutch for some extra glam. Finished things off with bright orange lipstick for a little cohesion with the coral and an extra swipe of mascara, just for fun. Happy Friday, everyone!

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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