We're slated to have some wonderfully summery weather this week, and today didn't disappoint! 75F at my house, but all the way up to 85F over where I had to run errands. Including picking up my flares from the tailor which is located a few cities away and near my husband's work, so we also had dinner out there before heading home. When I picked up the flares I tried them on and the length seemed good; when I tried them on again at home I found that they're actually a bit too long! Like a half inch or so. Debating what to do about that. Since the bell is still a good size and the denim is soft, it ends up with a slouchy hem break instead of the cleaner 70s bell that I was after. Debating whether to leave it or what. Not really looking forward to driving all the way back out there, telling him that actually the length wasn't right, and then waiting another week for them... Although I suppose by the time they're done the weather should cool back down again :\

Today I figured I'd be inside and running around a bit so I wanted easy-breathing and somewhat covered, which ended up working well since we had dinner half-outside and it was so deliciously warm. Started with the white pumps, since I wanted them for trying on the flares, and these silk/cotton cargoes then went from there. Kept up the silky theme and paired the kitty-print silk blouse since I'm loving my pastels with graphic white/black this season, with sleeves up and semi-tucked for structure; sleeves up also helps with warmth, and the belt adds some extra white in there (I love the double belt loops with the white, too). Accessorized with metals, rose-gold for the watch and white for the hoops, along with a metallic bag. Rounded out the look with soft curls and better-than-nude sheer coral lip balm for a natural/boho touch, and a pair of new peachy almost-round sunnies.

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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