Today I've got some errands to run, then later in the evening hubby and I are headed to a friend's for a BBQ (we'll see if the weather holds, though). "Easy to move in" and "sort of warm" were the motivating factors for this outfit. I started with the ponte pants and zebra print scarf, and built the rest around those two items. I haven't been wearing my scarves much the past two years though I still like them, and while I'd initially thought it had something to do with simplifying my outfits it dawned on me just today that it might actually be due to the big hair chop of 2012. When my hair was long I could put it up or let it hang over a scarf, but with short hair the whole thing just gets extra fussy and fluffy. The last time I wore this scarf I also put my hair up, perhaps not so coincidentally!

Like most people I prefer a longer top or a tunic over ponte pants. Since it's cool out today I figured the longer the better, and grabbed this short sweater dress (plus it's fun that the dress stripes are perpendicular to the pants vertical stripe, AND of course plays along with the zebra's stripes). At that point it felt very autumnal and didn't have enough lightness to balance the scarf, so I thought about swapping to a darker scarf buuuuut I just couldn't bring myself to wear something so dark. Instead I added light nude boots which play nicely with the boho vibe of the scarf, and my new almost-white denim moto which plays nicely with the pomp-pony. I got this little jacket to wear with summer dresses, though I have a feeling it's going to end up being worn most without them. I'd thought I would be taking the scarf off at some point, but rain keeps threatening so I just don't think that's going to happen; included a photo of it anyway, just as some rain started coming down Accessorized with little long spike earrings and the screw-head studs Una posted (which mirror the buttons on the moto, too), checked-and-mirrored sunnies, white clutch, and finished with a swipe of better-than-nude sheer coral lip balm (and wore mascara unlike most weekends, BBQ and all). Nail detail can be found here.

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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