When Angie asked a couple weeks ago about how often we wear denim, my answer was 5-7 days a week; she then mentioned giving up denim for a week, and I decided to take up the challenge! I found half of it easy... the bottom half! Not wearing jeans was surprisingly easy especially as they're a huge part of my fairly casual style, but not wearing my denim shirt or jacket was really tough. Since these outfits were a bit dressier for me overall, I noticed that I accessorized much more simply than normal and went for my bold orange lip color nearly every day. I am so pleased with how this experiment went that I'm going to shoot for 3-4 days denim a week from here out!

And actually, looking back over my outfits, I haven't worn denim since last Wednesday so I did make it over a week! /pats self on the back

  1. Monday; worn to run errands, the dentist, and work. New dress, opted for simple styling. The dress is jersey so it was perfectly comfy for the dentist. Also, super warm this day!
  2. Tuesday; worn to work and to the local typography pub gathering. I got these awesome cropped pants at the swap (Anna, I'm guessing these were yours?), and this is probably as sporty as you'll ever see me Hubby _hated_ this outfit, but I quite liked it.
  3. Wednesday; worn to work. Debuting the Neon Necklace! I thought it'd be fun to do a tonal look with it. I haven't worn these trousers much since getting them last fall, and I have no idea why. They are far more comfortable than jeans! Needless to say my black jeans are now on hiatus until fall.
  4. Thursday; worn to the post office, work, then out to dinner. Debuting the Neon Bracelet. Wanted to wear something soft with these wide legs, but struggled. I think this turned out OK but I did not feel super in it.
  5. Friday; worn to work, to the salon, and off for date night. New skirt! I know my style journey is currently taking me to softer dressing, but this pencil skirt is toooooo fun and I love love love it. And overall the vibe still feels pretty soft to me since my blouse is soft, and the print is watercolor-y. Also painted my nails nude/peach, the darker 3 nails are a polish I made myself

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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