(For my YLF blog! Hope you gals don't mind me posting the photos twice ^^)

African elephants at twilight, Chobe National Park, Botswana

This is the toughest day of this challenge for me, as the beautiful rose and lavender shades, and even the taupe which is my current color obsession, that dominate this photo are completely un/under-represented in my wardrobe. So I looked at the textures instead, focusing on the water and the elephant skin, as well as the very serene feeling of the photo. I have to say that I am _super_ happy with how this outfit turned out!

The water is fluid and clear, which I'm representing with this peach sheer silky top AND because the water is so still I'm sporting the very very rare straightened hair*. The elephant skin is thick and wrinkly, which I'm representing with the (elephant!) wide leg denim which is a structured fabric yet still drapes.

I added my pearl stud earrings to represent the moon and its reflection (*waving at everyone else who did the same*), light gray heels to represent elephant toes, a long pendant as a nod to the trees in the background, and rose-gold watch because I wanted at least ONE rose item in the outfit. And for outerwear my gold purse to keep with the serene colors, and a vintage silk scarf that has all of the pretty colors from the photo.

(* OT, I feel like my hair styled straight shows my Armenian side much more strongly than normal, which comes from my mom. I'm definitely looking more like her today!)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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