Fantastic, I am speechless.

Everything looks perfect!

Really beautiful look on you, Aida. No need to feel self-conscious. The silhouette and colors suit you so well.

OMG, it's beautiful!:-)

Beautiful outfit! The soft colors are so pretty. I love the printed clutch for a touch of pattern. I think the sweater is very flattering on you, no need to be self conscious.

Aida, you look amazing. More of this silhouette!!! As one of the pink sweater owners, I am totally going to copy this outfit, I just love it.

This is so beautiful on you, Aida. The silhouette is very flattering, and the floral clutch is a perfecting finishing touch.

Love this outfit on you! Do you have a link for the jeans?

Wow, you could be a model. Like the last shot, very naughty.

Beautiful! perfect outfit

Goodness ladies, thank you for all the really lovely comments! Re the fitted silhouette -- it makes me feel very exposed in a way that slouchier outfits, or even those with one oversized element, do not. Just something I'm working on getting past since the alternative with the majority of my pieces, overly slouchy outfits, are now making me simply feel sloppy which feels much worse. I'll get there!

Angie, that looks delightful! Liking the double-gold. I could do that, too ^^

Liz A, here is a link to the jeans. They're from LOFT and I think might  come in a curvy fit as well.

Wow! You make those jeans look so much better than the model. I'm gonna check to see if my LOFT has them.

I love this colour combo and it looks great on you. I think the floral clutch is
'la piece de resistance' and really makes the outfit.

Oh, definitely, you need to get over the feeling of being exposed because this is a very tidy look that works perfectly on you.

Thank you Liz and Smittie!

So happy to see this! I don't wear blush well myself, but I enjoy it on others. The different hemlines and color pairings make this sophisticated, while the overall silhouette keeps it practical and approachable.

I like the roll on the jeans, but I think you could go either way. The roll is fun, more casual. As a short-legged person, I think if you can rock the roll, you should.

Hi Aida, I almost didn't look at this post because I didn't think the blushing tomato thing was really my thing. But wow. Besides the cut and line and proportion factors which you totally mastered, the colors look *so amazing* on you!

Beautiful Aida. Now you have me thinking about my blush skirt. I skimmed Angie's post (sorry Angie), but now that I see it in action like this, I'm rethinking.

Amazing from head to toe! I understand you feel self-concious, but you look stunning.

Thank you ladies, what a nice little surprise to find these lovely comments this morning ^^

Coco, I can definitely see you sporting your blush skirt with some white and red; it's a softer combo that's still quite graphic.