Finally finished the trip collages, whew! Overall, it was very cold, wet, and foggy; 40-50F with mountain passes colder, San Fransisco warmer. But we made the best of it and had fun! I took photos when I could, hope you all enjoy them Each day's photos has my WIW as the last in its series, though as far as riding goes I was in #4's gear pretty much the whole time. Each day was also a FULL day on the road, except day 6 and 7 which we split into two days so we could hang out in Portland for a night. (More details in next post for those who feel like reading a novel, feel free to skip!)

Quick trip info:

  • Photo #1, day 1: Everett, WA to Coos Bay, OR ~450 miles
  • Photos #2-4, day 2: Coos Bay, OR to Fort Bragg, CA ~375 miles
  • Photos #5-8, day 3: Fort Bragg, CA to San Fransisco, CA ~200 miles
  • Photos #9-12, day 4: San Fransisco, CA
  • Photos #13-16, day 5: San Fransisco, CA to Grants Pass, OR ~400 miles
  • Photos #17-19, day 6: Grants Pass, OR to Portland, OR ~275 miles
  • Photos #20-22, day 7: Portland, OR to Everett, WA ~200 miles

TOTAL: ~1900 miles
AVG TEMP: 40-50F & raining

* Bonus photo #23: What I usually look like, much more goofy than my WIW photos
* Bonus photo #24: Saddlebag packing list: 3 riding tees, 2 button-ups, 1 sweatshirt (unused), 1 jeans, 1 trench, 1 boots, 1 flats (unused), 2 belts, 2 necklaces, socks/underwear.

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