Great to see you again Aida. Love the long sweater under the shorter jacket. Love your rendition of Angie's ensemble post.

Hi Aida! Fab as ever - miss you a lot!

It's good to see you again! I like the white jeans and the marled sweater. The hat looks cute on you (I think I look terrible in hats so I enjoy seeing them on others).

Fab outfit. White jeans make it more spring like.

Ladies!! Thanks so much for all the lovely comments <3 My current fall/winter wardrobe is a little darker and more neutral than I'd like so I have been really working to incorporate lots of both texture and print which has helped a lot.

Bonnie, didn't even realize I'd gone short-jacket-over-longer-top... Seems to be a signature of mine

Greyscale, YES definitely look for streamlined chunky if you're after a layering piece; makes things so much easier! This particular sweater has the larger knitting pattern, but uses a thinner yarn. I also find that if you want the sleeker fit versus the very oversized, which seems to come with this kind of turtleneck as you said, I've had more success sizing up on a sweater meant to be fluid/tailored over trying to find one that's intended to be oversized that actually comes across as streamlined.

Bijou, hah thanks for the curl love ^^ No worries, it's still plenty curly under the hat.