Sorry to be posting this wrap up so late! I delayed a little to reflect, hoping to come up with some good profound insights. Then delayed a little more, and a little more... But it turns out, I just had a fun week and didn't learn anything new (which is ok!). I've done up a separate post for the nail art, found here.

My plan for the week was to come up with outfits inspired solely by the poster art, and ignore any influence of the movies themselves. I was able to do so with all outfits but one, the Metropolis poster in #4, where I swapped the black/gold from the poster for black/white like the movie. Here are my outfit for the week, complete with their poster inspiration and nail art; more information can be found in each day's dedicated post, but I've added the key thought behind each here.

Day 1 - Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Details on the day's WIW post.
The top thing that strikes me about this poster is how rich it is: color, texture, character, story.

Day 2 - Star Wars
Details on the day's WIW post.
The most iconic thing about this poster to me is the title lettering (hey, I do work in type!); beyond that, the star field makes a big impression of the poster art. So I wanted today's outfit to be tribute to those two key elements.

Day 3 - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Details on the day's WIW post.
For this poster art I was really struck by the Mondrian-esque vibe and how the expanse of white really lets Holly stand out.

Day 4 - Metropolis
Details on the day's WIW post.
This is a simple poster with big impact, and what really jumps out at me are the monochrome palette, strong vertical lines, and the shaded gradient.

Day 5 - Vertigo
Details on the day's WIW post.
The BOLD colors and cutout-like effect of the poster are really striking, so I wanted to work around those ideas. I thought about doing a crazy vertigo-inducing pattern mix, but felt that the simplicity of the poster is its strength.

I am pleased with how all of the outfits turned out as far as drawing from the poster inspiration, and was very happy wearing all outfits except for #3. It was a combination of things, really; the black blazer felt heavy, I didn't like how the straight leg jeans (which I don't like on myself anyway) looked with the square top of the heels, and I couldn't get my hair to behave at all that day. Still, it's a decent outfit and it photographed nicely

All in all, a wonderful challenge! Thank you again to Ornella for running this iteration, and to all who participated and commented. It was SUCH fun!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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