Winter weekend wear is pretty straightforward for me: sweater, jeans, boots, slouchy hat, done. But now with the weather improving, weekend wear needs to start being either 1) a bit more presentable because I'm actually leaving the house, or 2) even more casual because I'm going to be playing outside, but then also presentable because we're usually also out and about that same day. The past two weekends encompassed this spectrum fairly accurately!

#1 - Worn out clothes shopping with my sister. I was primarily seen with the trench on, but got warm quickly; I fly all over the place, especially if shopping for someone (as a few ladies here can attest to, heh). I ended up primarily holding the trench and wearing the scarf, which I didn't get a photo of but I'm sure you gals can picture it I don't have a huge amount of control with this pomp and apparently it felt like channeling some Janelle Monae, which is A-OK with me ^^

#2 - Worn to grab sandwiches to eat at home. The epitome of grab-and-go outfits: yesterday's accessories were still in a pile so I matched a sweater (and really, just about any of my sweaters would've worked), my BF jeans (which are my go-to on weekends), and the closest flats (these goldies were still out from the ballgame earlier in the week); leftover pomp-pony from the previous day, too. Voila, instant outfit.

#3 - Worn out for a day with hubby and a friend, first for breakfast then AMA Supercross. Casual was the order of the day; I knew we'd be outside all day and late at night, as well as walking/standing for several hours. So I went with a new lightweight patterned sweater and rolled BF jeans with extra comfy nude boots. While I'm quite happy with the outfit, if I were starting it over for the day's needs I'd swap to a proper crossbody bag (I took the strap off almost immediately!) and wear sheer nude knee high socks along with a heavier coat (it got cooold at night). Either way we had a lot of fun!

#4 - Worn for a brief bit of work on my dirt bike. This is an outfit I normally wouldn't post, nor even photograph. But it's probably a look I'll be in a lot this summer, and it's a category of casual wear I really need to improve. So here's my starting baseline, and hopefully it just goes up from here. Vroom vroom!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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