Hello ladies! This week I wanted to wear a few of my wintery items before putting them away, while still keeping a light and springy feel. My fail-safe solution to that? Incorporate white or cream into each outfit! I think I also managed to wear new-for-the-season items in each one, which also helps. All work outfits, though today's is certainly more casual than what I usually wear to work (not that it matters in my field nor workplace).

#1 (Tuesday) - Wintery thing: tall black boots. A riff on the rust/white/black equestrian outfit I wore last week. Just as happy in this version! While we'll long have the weather for them, after one more white jeans outfit next week I'll be putting these boots away until fall and switching to mid-calf heights.

#2 (Wednesday) - Wintery thing: sweater dress. I didn't wear my sweater dresses very much this year, though I still love them. This is my heaviest one, so I wanted to give it one last semi-springy look before putting it away. I've had the base of this outfit in mind for months, just waiting for warm enough weather for the light hosiery. In my head I'd planned on the blush moto in #1, but the cream moto vest felt fresher and springier so I went with that instead; it makes this rather body-con dress much boxier. I clearly have no issues mixing white and cream

#3 (Thursday) - Wintery thing: cashmere sweater. This is actually a rather lightweight sweater, and it'll probably stay in my wardrobe until May when I'll swap it with my bright turquoise cotton sweater for summer. I had this combo in mind during winter too, but with my white winter trousers that I never got around to hemming (which will definitely happen before next fall!).

#4 (Friday) - Wintery things: none! You guys it's SUNNY here today, legitimately bright and everything Today I thought it'd be a fun challenge to try Angie's recent Combat Pants Ensemble. I'd mentioned in the comments there that I'm currently off combat/military stuff for myself, except in a couple rare cases where the item is clearly a very very loose interpretation (like my silky long cargo shorts). So instead I chose my olive skinnies, and while I liked the outfit better with the sweater untucked, I ended up semi-tucking because it kept catching on the zippers! For the red I pulled out my slouchy red purse and these little tennies which I haven't worn in a loooong time; they're preppier than what I'd want in a sassy sneak, but as I'm still mulling this trend over for myself they're more than fine for now. And of course, matching bright red lipstick ^^

If anyone is curious about what the new-for-the-season items are: #1-clutch, belt; #2-clutch, moto vest; #3-clutch; #4-sweater. All the rest is older!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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