Well this past week we had some hints of actual spring weather finally! Some of you may remember that last year I did a long exercise of not wearing black for spring/summer; this year I've decided to lighten up again, but won't fully skip wearing black (I learned what I needed to last year hehe). These were all worn primarily for work, and #5 was also for date night. I'll post my weekend looks later in the week, I'm never sure how many photos to post at once ><

  1. Debut of my bright orange blazer (same one that Kelly has!), and wearing my current favorite spring color palette: brown + taupe (no taupe here though) + gray + cream + bright trendy color (in this case orange).
  2. Pretty typical spring outfit, these olive skinnies with my chambray top act as an outfit base quite a bit for me. Trying out a cropped-over-long look, though I think it'd work better with an even more cropped sweater. I hope to wear these booties a lot more this year!
  3. One of my most favorite outfits ever!! Also follows the same color palette as #1, debuting a new super oversized silky scarf. This outfit is full of items I consider cornerstones of my style: hoops, scarf, shorts, blazer, boots. I kind of hope we have a few more cold days just so I can wear a couple variations of this
  4. Dry enough to start wearing my wide-leg pants. Following my fave spring color palette yet again (three times in one week!) with denim added. I would like to replace this striped tee with a similar soft, silky blouse if I can find one.
  5. Attempt at wearing this sweater dress transitionally, I love how it turned out! These tights are "new", purchased back in Nov. from Express and finally warm enough to wear them. I was going for a gradient pattern mix, largest pattern on top (dress) to smallest on bottom (shoes). What do you gals think of the flats here? I really like the vibe, and hubby liked it too (yay!).

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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