FANTASTIC, Aida! I get happiness factor just from looking at this outfit on you. You are radiant and beautiful! The items you pair in your ensembles are always so well chosen and just slightly unexpected. Here I am thrilled by the relaxed look of lighter-colour, frayed jeans contrasting with the dressier shoes and jacket. And that necklace -- wow, one single piece that provides a pop of colour together with a way to unite the silver and rose gold. Your hair is, quite literally, the crowning touch. Masterful and inspiring.

Aida, I love this -- very possibly one of my favorite looks you've ever posted. Very cohesive and just the right balance of polished and RATE. I love your hair this way too.

I will definitely have to try copying that cropped jean cuff when I'm back home in my real wardrobe again (in ranch mode right now).

gosh, the balance of the shiny hard texture of the shoes with the soft, nubby texture of the jacket…. wow, this is just perfect

Aida, Powerful Pretty for the win. I know that Mary, Inge, Suz, Jules (RoseandJoan) and Anna are onboard too.

We're footwear twins in many ways already. Keep me posted on the Shellys. They WILL need getting used to!

Everything about this works perfectly. I love the combination of subtle textures and shine. And I'm jealous of that moto! It makes the tweed look so modern.

Perfection! Love it all from hair to toes!

Omg, you are beyond stunning! Love everything about this. I just bought a tweedy jacket at the rack but I think mine is a miss after seeing yours. Super
Awesome, Aida!

Beautiful! Love it all.

Aida, you look beautiful and I love everything about this outfit! Including your HAIR! I don't have gorgeous curls like you but I do a messy top knot most of the time I'm lounging at home.

The silver shoes, the tweed jacket, the new 'do - it's all gorgeous. I am loving your new style direction.

Wow, this is edgy!!!!! and brilliant- each piece and the whole combo- head to toe!!!! YLF Aida!

Hi Aida --

Just had to say how much I love your hair like this -- but then I loved the shorter cut you shared back in your wedding photos and this reminds me of that to some degree.

Of course the outfit is full of your usual intriguing mixes! Will be fun to see what you come up with along these lines moving forward.

Bit late to the party,but I really love this look too. It is slightly less slouchy and very pretty and cool. I am pleased that you loved it and enjoyed wearing it.

You always provide such helpful advice to me (and others) but I cannot suggest any improvements here because it is just lovely.

So pretty/fun/fab/etc! Love everything about this and your hair looks fantastic.

Your hair is super cute this way, and the jacket and jeans and silver shoes (please go on sale, please go on sale) are just perfect.

Good gravy ladies, thank you all so much! Not sure how I will be able to continue getting dressed not in this outfit now Thanks also for the hair love. Can't have my fine, thin hair up as often as I'd like to but this looser style should be much gentler on it when I do.

Brooklyn, interesting about the 50s thing. That's not a decade I gravitate to but I do have a rockabilly streak in me which seems to manifest that way.

Joy, it's quite the mix isn't it! But the things you point out are definitely what I'd like to shoot for in an outfit: something classic, something pretty/glam, something retro, and something punk/boho (depending on my mood ^^). It seems I'm always going to have just a little tomboy feel in my best outfits -- probably because that's very authentic to my personality.

Suz, the silver shoes are very nice. TTS. Was able to walk all day in them just fine.

Sterling, how fun! If you haven't yet ordered the jeans (or even if you did) I wanted to mention that they do run large, so if you want a fit like this you will need to size down. This pair is down one size (fits like slim BF) and I also have a white pair that's down two sizes (fits like normal skinnies).

Style Fan, "Pretty Punk" is actually one of my style descriptors so woohoo for nailing it!

Maneera, re the hair working with outfits: I do my hair before deciding what I'm wearing! Whatever vibe it ends up with for the day (70s, 80s, slick pony, soft pony, etc.) dictates the direction my outfit goes.

Kelly, what jacket did you get? You always have excellent jackets (and dresses!), I'm sure the one you bought is great. Let's see it!

Great look! Love those shoes; I had my eye on them in white, but decided they were just too impractical for me.

Thank you Jenava! For me these will pull double duty as sandals since I don't really wear those. I can see how they would be impractical with a little one to chase around. You'll be back to them soon!

SO...FRIKKIN...ADORABLE! Just popping in to add to the chorus. You've found the one outfit to rule them all, so sit back and relax...PRECIOUSSSSSS.