I happen to love the black and olive combo, including the lariat -- it's sophisticated but young and polished and it feels just right for you. Black looks amazing on you, by the way. And your hair gives a whole new level of polished chicness to every outfit.

BUT, #4 knocked me out. I've had to go back and look at it several times to try and understand what makes it so fab, and the only answer I can come up with is, everything. Perfect from head to toe.
Such an amazing and professional set of outfits Aida - the colors, textures, silhouettes, everything is just coming together so well. You, Shannon, Ingunn and a few others have been so inspiring, especially in the last few months. I really also love the extra art in your photo displays. I need to go see now if you have your own blog because I can't remember. I'm also very interested to see how the orange/rust blazer is styled in the future - I have a very bright neon orange/coral jacket that I've so far only worn a couple of times, usually on cloudy days when I think a shot of color would be nice.

You definitiely look fab.
How did I miss this post? Wow, you look so fab day after day, week after week! You really know your style and it just shines. Love #4. Orange looks so fab on you, and I love the vibrant color with all that snow!
#4 rocks! I like the necklace as tie in #1, too. Looks like you have more snow than me right now :/
Aida, all are stellar looks. I especially love #1 and #4. That orange jacket is just amazing on you.Thanks so much for sharing!
Well since #4 has already received much (well deserved) love, I will focus on the spectacular color of the top in #5. I love it with the oversized white vest. I understand what you mean about the colors in #1 being heavy, but I love that outfit on you - so sophisticated from the lariat to the tip of your open toes. And the coat and blouse in #2 are just perfect on you. And the fit of the green jeans (how clever are you to achieve current fit through shrinkage). And I love that clutch. That is the best I can do without flipping back and losing my what I have written - is there a save draft option I am missing?
Count me in with those who loves olive and black in the first outfit! It does not look heavy at all...but I understand this longing for lighter and more cheerful colors in the early spring when winter just does not want to go away...like planting violas
I also like ##4 and 5 very much. This red jacket is amazing on you, please wear it more often. And I am in love with the vest in #5!
Hurray an Aida Smorgasbord! Lots of yummy eye candy for me to peruse. Thank you!
Now how the heck am I supposed to pick a favorite when they all look do stunning! (Eye candy wonderland!) OK, so #3 is my favorite because I love the color palette -- I've been thinking about this mix for a while and have not yet tried it. #4 is super cute I love the red jacket! I also adore the coral earrings with your coloring. Simply gorgeous!
Your outfits are always fantastic, but I just love #2. Your top looks nice and flowy (my favorite kind of top) and I love your tan boots!
They are all fantastic outfits & I love to hear the your thought process too.
I'm another one with lots of love for #4 - I can see why you feel you need a shot of colour, you look fantastic.
Yikes! Now that doesn't look like spring at all. I can definitely see how you'd be over the cold by now and ready for some lightness. The outfit with the new vest totally jumps out as my favorite - the white sleeveless jacket somehow makes it feel springy despite the black and jewel tones. Also really digging your lariat necklace and the PB tied in a knot. I no longer own any PB blouses, but I preferred to knot as well.

On another note, it has to be a sign that one is Truly Stylish when she has to reveal her own "misses." I'm sure we'd have never known.
Love the vest in no 5!
Aida, all incredible outfits, I need to study them piece by piece. #1 I'm totally stealing. I love the dressy blazer and dark top paired with the more casual army green pants, perfect juxtaposition! and the booties, gorgeous!!!
Everything here is so so fab. My fav is #4 -- the colors, the silhouette, your attitude/poise!
WOW thank you all so much for the wonderful comments ladies! I really appreciate them. I'm still quite surprised that #1 was such a favorite among these, I find the disconnect with how I felt in it so interesting. But I loved #4 so much that I'm already wearing a variation of it today

Shannon, I enjoy having both real and faux leather in my wardrobe; they each have their uses, and I can certainly wear my faux pieces with a lot more security of mind since they are massively easier to clean! (And I need, like, 5 boost buttons for your sweet comment, thank you! <3 )

Mo, I hope your snow level went back up! I was out of town this weekend and found it very comical that we still had snow in our driveway when we got home late last night even though it had been 60F all weekend. Our property doesn't get much sun, heh.

DV, thanks! I also really like the colors in #3, the camel is a bit softer than black but richer than taupe.

Cathy, hah! The attitude in #4 is very spunky looking yes? I felt just like that wearing it