I'm still working on my backlogged outfits for Jan/Feb, but in the meantime here is what I wore this week! Dressing in February and early March is definitely toughest for me, as this is about when it starts to sink in that we still have more gloomy, cold, grizzly, and rainy weather until May (which started in October). February is especially rough, but at least by March I am able to start incorporating one or two spring items to lighten up my look (and lightness always makes me feel better). This week I thought it'd be fun to pull inspiration from a few wintery outfits on my Pinterest board that I'd never gotten to, and to go ahead and start working in some of my new spring pieces. After all, spring started this week but someone sure didn't tell our weather about it Feeling chatty, feel free to skip down to the photos!

#1 [Inspiration] - Olive+black has been a favorite combo of mine for a very long time, but I have to say.. after wearing this outfit I think I am over it for the foreseeable future. It felt very heavy and I wasn't in the right mood for it. I added the lariat-imitating-a-tie to try and add some shine without changing the moody colors, but I think I should've just gone with a non-turtleneck top along with pumps so that more skin is exposed (thus more lightness); I did feel a lot better once I added the clutch because of the bright yellow. Although the outfit is fine, for those who think I don't have misses here's an outfit I consider one. But at least I learned a good lesson. Trying out a new plum-colored lip tint.

#2 [Inspiration, bottom right] - A fairly straightforward copycat, since I had the perfect pieces for it. I almost always tie this bow-blouse in a simple knot because it feels more me than a bow The creamy-taupe boots don't quite match the cool tones in the rest of the outfit, but I feel like they still worked well. Popped on some neon coral earrings (new) and matching lipstick for some additional brightness (plus it picks up on the orange in the blouse).

#3 [Inspiration] - Happy first day of spring! It was RIDICULOUSLY windy all day; it started at 55F (and sunny, here's photo proof!), then later we had strong hail, and finally ended up with snow and 34F by the time I was headed home from work. Yay spring -_- Anyway! In honor, I wore the key spring colors I'm into for the season: white (tank), gold (flats), and light midtones (new earrings). After wearing this new sequined tank I can't imagine why I ever thought that the larger size was even an option, this one is more than loose enough! I don't think I wore this camel blazer at all this season, though I still love it so it's not going anywhere; it's a fall/winter weight so I wanted to give it at least a little sunlight before putting it away for the season.

#4 [Inspiration] - I had a ton of outfit ideas this winter that used this jean+boot pairing, but didn't try any of them; these slouchy skinnies are more like straights and the boots very slim, so I simply assumed they wouldn't work together. What a mistake to not even try before now, because they totally do work together! *sigh* Well at least I got to do one of the outfits, and I can probably sneak in another couple. I know these proportions won't be everyone's cuppa, but I was super duper happy in this ^^ New clutch (from the GAP, I also got the turquoise), neon orange makes me happy Also a new belt; you can't really tell but it's white spotted in black which picks up on the dark boots. And again, matching bright orange lipstick.

#5 [Inspiration] - Much looser interpretation for this outfit for a hectic morning. Today I was woken up several hours earlier than normal because of a surprise snowfall and needing to immediately drive both hubby and sis to work and school respectively since my car is AWD; unfortunately my husband's AWD SUV broke earlier this week and I didn't want him on a motorcycle although he is capable of riding in the snow. Initially I'd planned to wear a charcoal long sleeve tee and pumps with this moto vest (new) and pants, but it was tooooo cold for that so I substituted in a cashmere sweater and tall boots; can't tell you all how happy I was to already have a basic outfit planned for today with such a rushed morning! Added my new minty earrings for a semi-tonal effect, and plum lip gloss to go with the jewel tones. I had my sister take my outfit photos today at work, she did a good job ^^

#6 - Bonus photo of my front yard in the morning, still heavily snowing; most of the snow is probably gone by now, and it was only 3-4" so not a big deal. Just a big surprise! You can't see them, but I'd just planted a whole bunch of pretty violas there on the right -_-

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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