This week I had the unexpected and unwelcome challenge of needing outfits that could take me overnight at the ER (and help with errands, chores, etc.) after a close family member was hospitalized Monday. Luckily it hasn't been necessary and hopefully the next few days are the same. Minus Monday, these outfits are more typical of my weekend wear rather than my usual work wear.

#2 Monday 01.25. Experimenting with soft pants tucked into tall boots. Liked the cropped sweater at first, but found it fussy at the hospital (plus way, way too warm). Felt much better after changing; ...
Newer: pants, sweater, earrings
Older: boots, coat, clutch, sunnies

... in the evening hubby brought me an overnight bag including the brown boots in #5 and an oversized charcoal sweater which I wore with the pants in #2 straight through Tuesday night. Was tooooo tired to snap a photo when I eventually got home after 28 hours (most of it awake) at the hospital, but I actually liked the outfit so I'll probably wear it again sometime.

#3 Wednesday 01.27. Was bummed to find that this sweatshirt dress shrunk a bit when I last washed it; I'm hoping I can re-block it back to longer next wash! Simple styling with leggings, boots, and neon necklace.
Newer: dress, sunnies
Older: leggings, boots, necklace, coat, clutch

#4 Thursday 01.28. Similar to an outfit from last week for a very soggy day, swapping the top half for a cozy oversized sweater. I liked the other hair 'style' better; this felt a little too boyish. Worn with sentimental necklaces, the shorter a gift of a few favorite charms from my mom and the longer a gift from my husband way back when.
Newer: sweater, jeans, hat
Older: boots, necklaces, coat, clutch

#5 Friday 01.29. Not sure what this is but I felt very happy in it! Western 70s glam? Initially tried untucked with stud earrings but MUCH preferred tucked with giant hoops. Bonus that my husband likes this outfit!
Newer: blouse, jeans, sunnies
Older: boots, earrings, coat, clutch

#6. Detail photos.

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