Hi All,
My first posting and WIW! So apropos for Angies blog today too. The whole purpose is to accommodate these BR block heel, bookend my hair, 70s-ish suede booties I fell in love with. I first tried them with the dark flare BR crop pants and a Kohl's top semi-tucked blouse to avoid leg stumpiness. I wasn't sure if this was quite right because of the flare, so I tried rolling some skinnies (also Kohl's last year)

with an ever so modest rip, making sure there was a sliver of skin at the top (hard to do with tan boots). I also added an Ann Taylor tweed jacket over a paisley blouse top (TJMaxx) that peeked out from the hem slightly. I was inspired to use the necklace from the Chanel Fall 16 show (love Chanel!) I am always baffled how to get the best under blouse peek for each over layer. I do like the look of 3 pieces instead of 2 because there is no abrupt break for the one top. I am not sure which pant looks better (if either) with the boots. Is one more stumpy than the other? Are they both stumpy? Is it the picture angle? Am I pushing the edge of the envelope for my age (almost 62)? I am fine to just wear them with lace up shoes or sandals instead of the boots if you think they just don't work. Thanks for taking the time and sorry for the messy rooms!

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