DH and I were talking about the wardrobe item that in my fantasy world I would wear, he mentioned the concept as a "Grail" item. For me it is an Alexander McQueen Black Watch Tartan coat. Now there are a few reasons why this is never going to happen:
1. where I live it doesn't get cold enough for a coat like that; and
2. impossible to find to buy...
3. outrageously expensive and I would hate to be so precious about an item - I have the dog chew test - how upset would I be if my dog chewed this up - because I love my dog and don't ever want to be too precious about any item.
So as I said to DH, my jackets from now on are likely to be denim jackets, not fabulous McQueen coats...

DH decided that I needed a McQueen denim jacket, as luck would have it I found this one on the Real Real. They classified it as being in "very good" condition. Honestly, I think it was brand new and probably only worn once or twice because the buttons were so stiff, like they had never been used. I am so grateful to the person that let this go - they did not want or need it and their generosity means I now get to wear and treasure this jacket at a price where I don't feel precious about it. I cannot believe how beautifully made it is and it fits perfectly.

Do you have a 'grail item' or like me, a modified grail item - inspired by the precious item but able to be worn and enjoyed in your real life?


Photo 1 - the "Grail" coat
Photos 2 - 5 me wearing my jacket - I love the peplum detail and I am trying not being precious about it
Photo 6 - 10 Some daily outfits - some 90's inspired and check pants

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