Hi all,

Well, this week marks the first proper week of January for me (the first week we were on vacation for most of it), and I must admit, if I was asked to rank the months in order from most the least favorite, January would come in at a solid 12. But, there are some good points to January ... after the busy holidays - busy social calendar, busy decorations, busy to-do lists - January's pared down demands are a relief. Routines are re-booted, resolutions (whether or not they last) usually resuscitate self-care after December's rush. Introspection makes sense. As does spending plenty time at home and drinking copious amounts of tea

As in life, so in personal style. This year, I'm taking advantage of January to reset my style foundations. From an everyday dressing perspective, this week that looked like axiomatic dressing and embracing the simplest oufits that make me feel polished and ready for the day.

I'm trying to embrace mindful purchasing this year, and my (loose) goal is one item a month, based on what I observe that month (I'm also trying to be good about jotting down what pieces I'm wearing and taking daily outfit photos). This month, I'm thinking of a new belt with a touch more interest than my current one - an easy finishing piece for uber-simple outfits.

Happy Friday everyone! xx

1. Burgundy v-neck and skinnies
2. Truth in mug form
3. Red crew-neck and skinnies
4. Black crew-neck and skinnies, with white button-up layered underneath, to perk it up a little for a business-casual meeting and lunch with my Mom & Dad
5. Turquoise crew-neck, skinnies (these skinnies work hard lol), silver necklace
Note - for outerwear, my Zara lightweight puffer has been hands-down the best purchase I've ever made. Surprisingly warm, it's done the job for all but the most frigid or outdoorsy days.

Finds also shows the belt I am considering - the double-circle one for Nordstrom (can you believe I've never purchased for there before!)

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