The rain finally stopped, but it hasn't warmed up yet, so it was a good week to pick a cheery color and make it the centerpiece of my wardrobe. No outfit pics (kept forgetting) but here are the outfits that made me happy this week:

1. Work at home Tuesday - grey sweatshirt, jeans, pink flats
2. Formal Office Wednesday - pink blazer, statement necklace black crepe shell, suit pants and heels
3. Business Casual Office Thursday - pink sweater, black tank top, cotton pants, flats
4. Work at home Friday - pink scoop neck tee, gray wrap sweater, jeans, embroidered tennis shoes.
5. Dinner out tonight - pink popover top, dark jeans, embroidered boots

A very me way of dressing this week - color, polish and sparkle - and a good way to infuse some energy and sunshine into February.