Find #1 I have been looking for a replacement for a denim skirt (actually it’s a skort) I've had for many years which I now only wear at home/garden due to its length. I ordered this button one from Loft online and was going through the outfit creation process and was leaning towards returning it (I know it's a denim skirt but still it felt so casual on me IYKWIM) when my husband came home and said how much he liked it on me. (I don't think he realized it was new and I didn't offer) So I'm keeping it.

WIW - I would've walked right by this wrap denim skirt lying on a table at Loft last week were it not for seeing our fab UmmLila in her similar denim skirt. So I gave it a try and it fits and I love it and wore it right away on Saturday to the wine and grocery stores. Thank you for the inspo UmmLilla!
(Although I don't think I got to comment on your post - I struggle with posting on the phone - you looked fab!) I'm not sure what makes the two skirts so different to me. The wrap one is a heavier fabric than the button one and even though it has rough edges it seems more "polished"? Does this make any sense?

Just wanted to share and also keep up with posting weekend WIWs. All comments, suggestions, critiques….welcomed!

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