I continue to dust off unworn summer items for Sal's July Challenge. I can easily see why most of these don't get worn, and some items have already been put in the donation bag.

I almost didn't post this week, as I continue to struggle with styling for summer, and am feeling super grumpy and unmotivated to look even remotely put-together in the hot weather.

#1: Was testing this top and BF jeans (pre-pedicure) while running errands. I love the open weave, but the armholes are too low, and my bra peeks out of the lacework. Because the neck is already high the armholes can't be easily raised without messing up the lace, and I don't want the mental load of remembering to wear a jacket over it. Next!

#2: More errands in day 1's jeans (again) with a tank and old linen shortsleeve open weave cardi. I like the jeans better with the hip area covered, so they gain a pass for now. The neckline on the tank is too low but I can fix that. Had the linen cardi in holding and actually liked wearing it.

#3: Inspired by RunCarla's button-up shirt experiment, I pulled out an old chambray/pink dot Caslon shirt for casual meeting with my volunteer group. I futzed with tying it, tucking it, etc., but couldn't make it work. I like the pieces, so that's a win. Carla is right - a cotton shirt is cooler than a tee!

#4: Testing this red floral top and Levi skinny jeans. Ugh, more polyester and too-tight jeans. Happiness factor minus 10. Jeans went to the holding zone, top will get passed on.

#5: Put this on after changing out of #4. My trusty ol' jeans+tee formula, and completely uninspiring. Wore jeans with embroidery for interest, and a Chan Luu beaded necklace. Not my favorite of the week, but it works.

I really didn't feel good in ANY of these looks - nothing felt like ME (3 was close, but not quite)... so, I hope to take some time over the weekend to review my closet and notes. I will rejoin the challenge on Monday.

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