Dear YLF,

Dressing is getting kind of fun again. Sharing with you is great part of the fun.
This outfits are showed backward in terms of time line.
pic 1. Yesterday . This pants have been in the donate pile, in a garage sale and it was actually my friend that told me 'keep them'. Far from me to resist faith anymore so I just gave them another chance. This year is supposed to be the summer of blue and orange,this is not orange but I thought to be open in my interpretation and wear coral instead.
pic2. Saturday downtown was beautiful and left to the locals. I guess everyone was to afraid of traffic to go downtown. After years of going back and forth I finally decided on a gold rose watch. I went for something less boyfriend like because I feel a bit tired of the style. (Pic in finds bellow) I think this has whimsy enough for me.
Pic3. This is copycat from blogger in pic 4 that I don't have the name here. I like the proportions of her outfit better but at least I got another way to wear this pants.

And this is it for now. Thank you for looking. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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