Yesterday it was a billion degrees here and I had an in-person event to attend last night in the oppressive heat and humidity. Turned out that a huge storm front rolled in as I was driving to the event, making the drive treacherous but not really relieving the humidity. We just had to move the event indoors but into a space that was not well air-conditioned, so my outfit was planned as well as it could be, considering.

I wore my black zippered COS dress because it is the item of clothing I own that touches the least amount of my body! It’s as breezy as it gets, and I needed it. I got sweaty anyway, and my hair became a frizzy shrub. Ugh. I hate summer. LOL

Anyway, inspired by Angie’s post yesterday and the quite divided and sometimes pretty brutal opinions on puffy sandals, I proudly wore mine. Haha! I like the punch of color and the metallic shine to counterpoint the long flat-black dress. Silver jewelry and teal backpack finished things off. Easy and casual with just a little polish and interest.

An aside: after a very long day, that started with me falling in the garden rescuing a box turtle from our dog Woody, I arrived home at 11pm last night to find our naughty dog Sunny had gotten into a kitchen cabinet she has ignored for seven years. She ate a pound of raw sugar, a package of peanut butter chips, and a package of chocolate chips. Suffice to say there are carpet squares in our basement storage room that will likely get ripped up and trashed. She’s ok this morning but rather subdued. On top of it all, we had hellacious storms, which totally freak her out. Poor bunny.

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