You look wonderful. I can’t pick a favourite! These clear colours suit you very well!

Loving you in these. And what fantastic finds.

Thank you all! I am not going to address each one individually but I have read every comment and truly appreciated your kindness, support and confidence boosting!

Yes! I have the matching jacket and it fits. I don't wear it much but will do so before it gets too hot.

Thank you for all your supportive comments about the situation here. It is very complicated and stressful, but I know that goes for many places in the world right now.

Happy to hear I am not the only one who has color phases. I have been eyeing a lot of purple lately too !

Pink loves you right back! And #1 is my KILLER fave. The matching pink trademark Jaime-hoops MADE ME SMILE ! The silhouettes look super on trend! Rocking it.

…..and maybe we need pink shoes too….

You and hubs look fabulous! Such pretty mules with that lovely skirt.

My pinks are bright shocking pink, and soft blush. I wear bubblegum too.

Ooh love pink on you! That first top is beautiful! And the wedding outfit is perfect.

We do need pink shoes, don't we Angie!

Thank you all again!

Pinks are great on you! Love the coat in pic 2- and yes to pink shoes!

Late here, but had to chime in! Maybe you are gravitating toward pink because it seems hopeful and cheerful, during such a difficult, stressful time? It lifts the spirits. I think about you whenever I read about what is happening there--I hope some stability is restored soon.

You look amazing in pink, as everyone has noted! My fave is the first outfit, because that pink top is FANTASTIC on you and those flares plus pointy footwear are magic. Love the pic with you and your spouse too--I'm sure you dazzled at the wedding with your colorful, chic ensemble.