Hi all, just a quick WIW as I settle into my "new" (to me) silhouette Uniqlo is coming in clutch for me this season!

1. Old teal tee with tailored trouser
2. This is the coatigan that I edited and then regretted and then re-purchased at thrift. An expensive lesson but this year is the exact weather for it, so live and learn and we move on!
3. this chunky, seasonally confused cardigan sweater is a fun piece my SIL bought for me; again, works great for the cool summer we are having! (except when it's sweltering of course - because the weather can't decide this year)
4. uniform - linen button up and shorts
5. stripes ftw
6. uniqlo sleeveless open knit in olive - new-to-me neutral
7. chunky sneakers - so comfy and kind of "cool-ugly" iykwim!
8. love the fit of this tee - fitted but not at all tight, just the right length to sit neatly when untucked. From Uniqlo (as are the wide pants). The colour is green-gray, which is not represented the best in the photo

Practical and polished is the goal these busy days! I've done quite a re-vamp this year but I think it was stylistically needed, and I feel far more settled in my "new style normal" (sorry to use that overused phrase!)

What easy pieces are you relying on lately?

Happy long weekend everyone! xx

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