Love this!!! Great pattern mixing. Maybe the citron blazer is too OTT stylish for them. Hope you can add a photo that includes shoes and bag so we can admire the full effect. Don’t worry; we’ll understand the end of the day crinkles and wrinkles.

I really, really like it! I wouldn't change a thing! An outfit worth repeating. And your morning hair even looks great.

I love it! Pattern mixing is advanced fashion for many, as I found in my previous professional life. One time, I had a woman say to me "I didn't know you could do that" as she looked at me up and down. LOL!!! Yes, you can, I said!!! And you did!! The pants photograph dark, but I assumed they were dark blue. Good look, and kind of summery...

I think you look fab! And I love your hair.

Well you look fab to me. From hair to pattern mix to pop of yellow!

Bright and playful! YLF!

Definitely not a disaster! I'm not much of one for pattern mixing, so I would have gone with a white top most likely. But I don't know why there would be a problem with the blazer...

I really like the hair, btw! Sometimes mine looks good right when I get up but then falls flat later. Pfft.

Your morning hair looks French--you know, that casual chic "je ne sais quoi" style.

They're dudes, so they have no clue what they're talking about
I was seriously expecting something disastrous, but I didn't get it. This looks great to my eye!

You look fab to me. I love your hair!

Fabulous - love it and would definitely wear it myself.

I think it works too- definitely not a disaster!

Definitely advanced pattern mixing. You are a pro!

I really love it!Def advanced pattern mixing. It's fun, you know? I think chic and fun at the same time.

I think you need to stop asking family members for their opinion, and go with your gut. Their comments seem hurtful. Your styling of your outfits is consistently head and shoulders above the the norm.

I love this pattern mixing and happy color!

Thank you all for the nice feedback and support, it was nice distraction from the stress that I have been under lately.
@Runcarla - interesting that you find my family comments hurtful, because I don’t especially if I asked. Maybe I don’t take it that seriously or I am not that sensitive but I find it informative and amusing, and sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t. Similarly like asking here, except that I don’t work with fashionable woman but with bunch if IT guys that my husband is good representative of
Here is today’s WIW that got unsolicited thumbs up from the family.

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Today’s look is fresh & cute.

You just made a point that I’ve been thinking of in relation to your post—the people you interact with at work don’t necessarily care about your style. They might dislike something just because it is unusual, so they find it a jarring interruption, and vice-versa. Does that matter? I think there are times when you need to use all the tools you’ve got, including sartorial choices that influence a person in ways they might not realize. It didn’t sound like yesterday was that kind of day, so have fun with what you wear!

I solicit my son’s opinions sometimes. If he says “it’s fine”, I usually harass him for more. He often comes up with vivid descriptions or humorous/sarcastic comment. They don’t hurt, and can make me laugh. Then I consider what he is saying in them, and whether that point matters enough for me to change my outfit. I enjoyed the outfit in this pic, but hearing him say I look like a “librarian” tells me it doesn’t have the effect I thought. That’s useful info.

I just saw that the Robt Koch Institute considers the state of Wien a high risk zone for Corona, and people arriving in Germany from there are required to quarantine. I hope you are well!

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Love this -esp. on a late (=so think already sunny:-)) morning-advance pattern mix, so very YLF!:-)

Fashintern - LOL - librarian is just something my DD would say. I actually enjoy her humorous comments lke magican assistant or sushi waiter. Situation here is getting out of control unfortunately. There are 38 positive cases ar work and 6 at my DD school, but still no work from home or online school. So I don’t have much patience at the moment for people who complain about not having anywhere to go - I would gladly trade places.

I, for one, love it! You look lively and energetic and bristling with energy, which is making me think about getting off the couch and doing something with my day