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My daughter is 20 months old. Teething ended and she pretty much started sleeping through the night most nights a couple of months ago. She is stubborn and thrives on routine. The sleep part is good but on the rare occasion she does wake up now, there is no convincing her that it's not morning time. She just doesn't comprehend middle of the night wake ups anymore. This morning shortly after 3am she wakes up because she has soaked her diaper. I change her and try to get her back to sleep and she is having none of it. We normally get up around 5:30. At about 4:30 I give up. This morning is happening. We go and watch cartoons until dad wakes.

I had planned to wear the Charcoal version of the Ellen Tracy pencil skirt I got for $12.99 at costco. I had thought about some top and shoe options and had it narrowed down to a couple that I knew should work well with a pencil skirt. I just needed about 5 minutes to choose, pull it together, and pick some accessories.

I could not muster that this morning. Instead I walk in like a zombie, grab this dress, and slide on the sandals that were already out.

I also have crazy hair today. There was just no taming it. Instead of fighting with it I decided to put on red lipstick. In my brain crazy hair + red lipstick says intentional instead of I got no sleep and can't be bothered with my hair =)

Dress - Jones NY
Sandals - Dansko

Since the list is so short I'll also note that I'm wearing my Jockey Skimmies underneath and still loving them.;List=172

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