So chic, bijou. You do dresses extraordinarily well and have nailed the dressy casual vibe perfectly. That tiered gingham dress just brings big smile to my face!

Beautiful summer dress vibes. I bought a couple in the holiday sales but it will be many months before I can wear them.

( Off topic) Ha about roast dinners for summer Christmas! We had the same issue. My mother’s father was English and she was brought up with that, and Neil’s family often had those too. I think it was a general thing in the generation above us. We have compromised and this past one at my MIL’s ( she is 84 years old) there was some roast lamb, roast potatoes, glazed ham, baked salmon but also lots of salads and all cold desserts, phew, no hot Christmas pudding.

Bijou early this morning all I can say is that these dresses are so dreamy. They remind me of the beautiful gowns worn in the 50s & 60s but stylish and current

Your gingham dress is still long and it still looks great! I would think you could wear it a lot for your warm-weather Christmasses there, with a bright red or green accent and some sparkly jewelry.

Those star sandals are just what I was looking for last summer—sparkly, flat, bracelet sandals that are not things. Swoon! But a new summer is coming

Nuancedream - I really like the gingham dress too. I bought it about 2 years ago and it has grown on me. I am often impressed at the quality of fabrics that JCrew use - the cotton in this dress is lovely and cool to wear.

UmmLila - you were wise to buy the summer dresses when you saw them.

JenniNZ - My parents were the same, they loved the 'proper' Christmas dinner. Now we have an extended family celebration with a selection of roast turkey, ham and smoked salmon with salads. Only my sister wants the hot plum pudding and custard!

Ledonna - there is something a bit retro about my style as I love the clothing from the 50's and 60's.

Fashintern - I was lucky to find the star sandals at 50% off! They are fun and really work for my more casual working from home clothing. No one on Zoom calls see my shoes, so I can me a bit more out there with my footwear and get away with it.