I have a Summer Christmas living in Australia. The weather is hot in summer. We get a dry heat and most afternoons a breeze comes in off the ocean to cool things down. Summer nights at this time of year are lovely.

My WIWs reflect my casual lifestyle, but there are a few dresses up occasions in there too. At the moment we don’t have community transmission of Covid, so I am living my normal life, having caught up with extended family and friends over the Christmas period. I know how fortunate I am and hope for all those who are in lockdown the vaccine gets rolled out quickly to you.

Teal dress - worn to my son’s graduation from primary school
Green dress - worn on Christmas Day
Gingham dress - worn to a New Years Eve bbq with friends
Both the green and gingham dresses get worn on regular days as they are cool and lovely to wear.
Other than the teal dress and star sandals, all items are not new. I am hoping to buy less in 2021, so shopping my closet is the new mantra. I could not resist the sandals as comfy flats are just so useful and well you all know I have a weakness for stars!