Your hair is gorgeous and your texture rich outfit does it justice!

Gorgeous cropped leather pants! Love the faux fur vest to them and hair is a great color and cut, yet again!

You have never looked better! You have such a fab sense of style. Your hair is looking especially awesome.

This could have worked, instead of the grey. Been great with your hair. complexion and the jewellery!

Thanks Angie - saw that on the other post . I don’t recall seeing this colour in-store - but I’ll keep a mental note to consider this shade next winter !

Kelly- thank you ! That’s really nice of you to say

Thank you lyn and shevia

Wow- love it Love the textures and the necklaces! Your hair is just the perfect color too!

Add me to the love. Mixing textures is one of my favourite things, and you've done it brilliantly.

Thank you , all, for your lovely comments. Mixing textures and patterns is one of my favourite ways to dress. I may not wear the newest silhouettes , so I keep things interesting (to myself, anyways , lol) by piling on the fur , leather, feathers, stones, etc. It's almost never planned, and just happens by happy accident. I'm personally relieved I found a way to wear this vest - I had been a little worried when I got it home as to how useful it would be.