I was in northern Germany last week to attend a conference. There was no official dress code, usually it is jackets + pants (but no ties) for the most senior faculty, shorts and flip flops (or equivalent for cold weather) for the undergrads, anything in-between for the rest. 2 travel days, 4 full conference days and dinners in the evenings. Some days we didn't get a chance to go back to the hotel to change before dinner, so I was in the same clothes for 12 hours. I wanted to look professional but approachable, and to feel comfy. The weather changed from rainy and cold to warm and clear in the same day. So I carried my umbrella and a gray pashmina in my bag all the time. I also had a foldable raincoat for when it really poured, which I had to use once.
I only traveled with my carry-on, so space was an issue. I decided to travel with 2 jackets, 3 jeans, and 2 lightweight sweaters, 2 pairs of shoes, lots of blouses and two tshirts, because I didn't want to have to wear the same blouse twice (not for aesthetic reasons, but I feel that the tops get crummy when traveling) The colors were black, white, cream, navy, and cobalt- a very limited color palette. At the end of the day, I went with the same jacket+jean combinations, and just changed the tops, but pretty much everything was interchangeable, and I could just add sweaters when I needed underneath the jackets.
I kept the wearing the same accessories for simplicity: pearl studs, pearl ring, pearl and CZ pendant.

The rundown:
#2, #4, #6- conference days - I wore #4 a second time with a different white top.
#1- #3 dinner
#5 - casual breakfast
#1 was also my travel outfit without a jacket, with another top underneath and a pashmina.

I was super happy with this capsule, I love that everything went with everything and the outfits all fit very well with the image I wanted to project.

Thanks for looking!

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