I haven't posted WIWs in a few days as it's been crazy. I assure you I've worn other things besides this BF formula that I've been repeating =)

This weekend I went to get my hair trimmed. Somehow over the past few weeks I had convinced myself that the $60 I pay to get my hair cut once every 3-4 months was too extravagant and that since I just needed a trim and wasn't making a major change, I should be just fine going to the walk in $20 haircut place.

This was a mistake.

Here is the difference. The $20 haircut place spent about 10 minutes on my super thick curly hair. The shape was right and really it looked ok when she was done with it. 10 minutes is not enough time to properly layer curly hair though. For a good cut, you really have to get in there and see which direction the curls are going, or at minimum you need to straighten it and later it that way. Otherwise, the curls are going to be choppy and won't fall right. My normal stylist spends 45 min to an hour every time.

Where this really comes to light is in the styling of the hair. I can usually just wet my hair, run a wide tooth comb through and walk out the door. When it dries I can add a tiny bit of product to tame the frizz and I've spent one or two minutes on my hair.

With this cut, it doesn't fall right and it takes a lot of fiddling with it to get it to look ok.

I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson for good until now but this has been soooo consistent throughout my life. If you have curly hair and you consistently struggle with styling it, before trying any new products etc... I suggest to revisit the cut. Maybe get some recommendations for stylists that are known to work well with curly hair in your area. It might take a few tries, but it's sooo worth it. And then don't be like me and have to re-learn this lesson every couple of years =)

I'm going to begrudgingly let this grow 2-3 weeks and then I'm going back to my regular stylist to have her fix it.

Today I am wearing
Top - American Rag from Macys
BF Jeans - KUT
Shoes - Keen Sneakers
Necklace - Premiere Designs

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