I recently ordered some shoes from Anthro in preparation for warmer days ahead. I already returned one pair, but these two were under serious consideration. Well, our weather warmed up for a couple of glorious days (75-80 degrees!) and I was so itching to wear these thati decided they were both keepers.

I agonized over the teal oxfords. They were not cheap. But they are very comfortable, my favorite color (which also goes well with most of my wardrobe), and I love the style — everything from the cutouts to the tiny studs. They are also very nicely made. After looking at them for over a week sitting in the box in my room, when the weather warmed up, I just couldn’t resist wearing them.

I know they have a fairly limited wearing season for me — drier days in spring and fall, plus warmer winter days with socks (I love the lightning bolt socks with them). But I’m not spending five weeks at the ranch this spring, so I foresee more use for these shoes than I would have had in the past few years. I predict some longevity in this style too, since they’re a slight twist on a classic. So I should be able to wear them for years to come. They have reignited my love of oxfords, and actually inspired me to wear one of my old pairs of oxfords on another day that was not terribly cold. So yay for shoes that nudge me out of my habit of always wearing boots in the winter!

The blue metallic sneakers were an easier call. I wore my rose gold sneakers a TON last year from spring through fall, so these will take over some of the heavy lifting this year. I also think these work deeper into fall/warm winter because of the darker color. They are great with denim.

WIWs so you can see them in action. Really casual outfits, especially the one with the sneakers — I ended up walking about six miles that day, and the shoes did rub a bit by the end of the day, but that’s a pretty brutal thing to put new shoes through. I’ll use some Body Glide next time I wear them.

I think I’ll also allow myself a new sandal purchase for the upcoming season. Even though I am a shoe person, I’m trying to add to the collection judiciously.

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