What are we going to do here? I'm right into this silhouette (not to the exclusion of my other pants and jeans though, which will still get lots of wear) and am thinking ahead to real winter months when snow and cold make wide leg pants of any kind a real challenge.

I can't see wearing a tall boot under pants - never done it and think it's too much stuff going on under a pant leg- and that elusive mid-shaft height remains just that for me. I'm not keen on buying anymore boots at this point (mine all have that 2-4 inch shaft) - can we wear regular booties and some sort of warmer hosiery with cropped/ankle length wide legs?

Just trying to get a visual, which of course I know I can go online to find but wondering what you all are planning.......

note: doubt I'll be wearing the Anthro red pants in the dead of winter as they are quite light weight, but might , depending on situation ; might try to return the crazy zebra stripe boots (although I wore them out of the house for an hour one day) as I really am not in love with them now. But these are examples of pant lengths and boot shaft heights I have.