I do love to ponder and plot wardrobe strategies! Inspired by Angie's spring neutrals round-up , I've been thinking about neutrals, and these will be my focus this spring.

Although I do LOVE an occasional bold colour, I am a neutrals girl. I am far more creative (relatively!) with neutrals - more likely to try a new silhouette, layer, accessorize, or pattern-mix, for example (with colour, I tend to minimize the rest or I am uncomfortable).

In the past I've limited my neutrals, but I'm re-thinking this and will play with a wider range of neutrals (Angie posted about this a few years ago) - black, ink/navy, gray (in small doses), cool beige/taupe if I can find it, white, olive, chambray/denim blue, and cognac. Blush and burgundy are main accents, and I'll add my colour pops when the spirit moves me

My 2019 purchases (of which I've made 3 more than planned, oops!) support this, I've just purchased three neutrals tops from BR (shown in my collection) - two blouses (one a print) and a linen sweater (also a print - I've got neutral prints on the brain for adding interest and contrast). I'm keeping an eye out for a beige topper (cardi or casual blazer) and cognac comfy flats.

That's my musings for today ha - time for another cup of tea! Thanks for reading if you got through it

Note: per items below - my satchel is blush, and my Zara moto pants are olive. The BR print blouse is ink. So, a bit more 'neutrally-colourful' than it looks below