Fashintern asked why one might push their style to evolve. That is a great question and the answers literally flooded my brain. There are so many reasons why one might need to push themselves out of their comfort zone and push themselves stylistically.

I have two personal reasons that I want to share with Fashintern and others.

First, I am a "uniform dresser." Wearing the same exact silhouette and the same color scheme year after year after year would be so easy for me to do. I could easily slip into a mode where I never changed or evolved anything in my life. I have to consciously make the decision to evolve. Because it is not natural, it takes work on my part.

In fact, before I even read Fashintern's comment, I had resolved to change things up thanks to Sal's Challenge. This is something I want to do at least semi annually. But it will not happen organically for me. I have to resolve to make the change.

Second, because I am such a "uniform dresser," I have to be conscious of changing styles so that I incorporate them into my wardrobe. Otherwise, I would literally be wearing silhouettes from high school and college days.

By deciding to evolve, I change up my wardrobe to look current and fresh. If I did not do this, I risk looking dated. Looking dated could make me appear/feel older than I am. As long as I am part of the work force, I owe it to myself to give the impression of current and fresh .... like I am on top of things. My wardrobe projects an image before I even start speaking. What image do I want it to present?

Angie probably has her own set of reasons for why she might want to evolve her style. In fact, everyone on this Forum probably has their own reason(s) for want to push an evolution in style.