So, as I try to figure out more about my style I'm getting a better understanding of the things I like-soft fabrics (chiffon, tulle, etc.), A-line and circle skirts, peter pan collars (HATE pointy collars), adorable prints, bows, dainty florals and ruffles, etc and Zooey Deschanel is basically my style icon. However, often I find that the things I like are associated with the word "twee". I'm still trying to wrap my head around this word, but from what I understand it is definitely not a good thing.

I don't understand how something can be "precious" or TOO sweet. I do know when things look to childish and I'm trying very hard not to look like a little girl, but why is liking traditionally feminine things such a bad thing? I feel like attempting to follow this type of style, I am setting myself up for failure or that I simply have a bad taste in fashion. I know I'm not a child, and yes, I do want to look my age.

Can people please enlighten me? I had thought in a fashion friendly forum perhaps it would be more open to all styles, but when I attempted a search I was once again reminded that twee is something people do NOT want to be associated with. Should I shy away from the elements I adore? Should I mix it with things I don't like but are deemed are more mature and grown-up to avoid being labeled in this way? I readily admit I don't have a strong sense of self image, so it's very difficult for me to just shake off the negativity and wear what I love anyway. If someone could please explain why twee has such a bad reputation, maybe I could understand better why it's not something I would want to emulate.