I´m Nina 25 and i just recently started getting into fashion and dressing more nicely

I hope to learn a lot here and have fun and interesting discussions!

Hello! I am a long-tim lurker (literally years...) and finally decided to sign up for the forum. I am a 43 software consultant from Canada, living with my husband, teenage daughter and cat. I garden, hike and read a lot, my days are business casual but my weekends are spent outdoors, as often as I can. I am a Cool Summer colorwise and a Kibbe soft classic, I think. An apple-trending plus-size hourglass.

Hi there! I'm 34, and recently got into sewing clothes as a hobby. This has forced me to completely reevaluate my wardrobe choices and has set me on a path to enlightenment and self-discovery (mainly closet-related, but who knows!).

I briefly participated but mostly lurked in the You Look Fab forums many years ago (maybe 9 or 10 - could it really be?). This morning, I remembered Angie and her YLF community as if through a thick mist of time, and lo and behold, the website is still up and active as ever! Thank you so much for keeping this style emporium alive, I'm really looking forward to being a part of it (again)!

Hi! I'm Joy and I am here because I just turned 42 and am trying to dress in a way that is more intentional and fun. For many years I felt family/society pressure to wear muted colors, neutrals - to fit in and never attract attention to myself. This was boring for me and I ended up really just dressing sloppily all the time because I just wasn't enjoying myself. Now, I'm in my 40's and I have purple spiky hair, many tattoos, and wear lots and lots of color, sequins, ripped jeans, Converse and anything else that makes me happy. I'm starting to understand how choosing my clothing intentionally helps me express myself, and it is really, really fun. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi, my name is Mina. I am in my 40's, live in the UK but plan to move back to Europe in a few years' time.
I am quite short and curvy. In terms of style, I am comfortable in a classic style with a focus on the quality.

Hi everyone!

I am vintagetomboy. I am a 27 year old girl from the US.

My hobbies are loom knitting, crocheting, reading, creative writing, drawing, watching anime, listening to music, and I am obbsessed with horses!

I love fashion of course! My body type is short and petite. I am just starting to be interested in vintage fashion. Specifically I love fashion from the 1940s and 1950s.

I am excited to meet everyone on this forum and make friends!

I am looking to learn what clothes might suit me as after my last baby my body has changed and what I used to wear no longer suits. I’m 33 and have 5 children.
I don’t know what fashion I like anymore as I’m feeling a bit lost and clueless about it all.
I think my body shape is a rectangle but I have high hips and also a tummy.
I’m looking forward to jump into the forum and learn some new things!

Hello everybody! I am Aspasia and I am im my early thirties! Just discovered this forum if you believe it

Hi! I'm a 30 year old Canadian engineer. My fashion sense is pretty much non-existent and on top of that my body shape is very difficult to dress so I thought I'd see if I can get some help!

Hi! I’m a retiree preparing my wardrobe for life in the tropics. When my husband retires a couple of years from now, we’re moving to Puerto Aventuras, Mexico (an hour south of Cancun). We bought a beachfront condo there. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with you all.

Hello Ladies! I'm excited to join this lovely group and keep up on what's trending. I'm a fashion nut, and full disclosure I just started a style consulting business in Calgary, Alberta Canada. It's my fun part-time business for now and to give me something to do when I retire in 2-3 years. I've always had a passion for fashion and am very interested to follow You Look Fab to learn and keep up on the latest fashion trends and colours.
I'm 57 and 5'5" & size 10-12. I am short in the torso and a little wider in the hips so I do have my challenges in finding the perfect fit in clothes.

Hello, all! As someone who has consumed fashion media content online for almost 20 years, I do not understand how I never came across this community until today. Now that I have, I'm really excited to be here and connect with you all.

I tend to be a lurker when it comes to online forums but I was moved to *actually* join and speak up on this one because of the warm and helpful tone I read in so many posts. Some kind of fear of vulnerability or public embarrassment has definitely kept me from sharing my experiences online before, so I'm grateful that this space exists because it feels like I can take some risks here.

I'm a 30-year-old who has lived in NJ for most of her life. I have always loved fashion but I struggle to have a clear sense of both my body type and my style. I suspect this is due to pretty long-standing difficulties with body dysmorphic disorder*... while I have healthy behaviors challenge my negative judgments about my body, I do struggle to see it accurately and celebrate it--especially in how I dress. I've always gravitated towards bold fashion but in the past few years, as I developed my professional identity, I've found myself seeking more basic, muted clothes in styles and cuts that help me hide the parts of my body I'm not happy with. My personality is definitely not any type of shrinking violet, so this attempt to be less visible feels inauthentic and I want to turn it around. I'm hoping you all can help me see myself more clearly so I can feel empowered to dress in a way that energizes me and feels like a real expression of who I am

I am 5'8" and ~believe~ I am a small-busted 8-type hourglass, but again, I'm not confident in the accuracy of how I perceive my body. I definitely have broad shoulders, high hips, a proportionately smaller waist, and hips that are as wide as my shoulders. I've started wearing more wrap styles (dresses, tops, skirts), and they do feel more flattering and comfortable compared to the highly structured separates I used to go for! I'm drawn towards more graphic shapes and color-blocking without doing too much mixing of loud colors or prints. However, I do love to through in a statement piece in each outfit (though I feel I've lost my touch for this since Covid and my aforementioned invisibility tendencies). It feels appropriate to describe my style as Modern Classic interspersed with some glam, edgy, and romantic touches.

I'm also not entirely sure about my seasonal color palette but I think I'm a bright spring? It seems like it's really hard to figure out where someone with in-between hair color fits in--I'm strawberry blonde but sometimes tending more in the red or blonde direction depending on the time of year.

Anyways, I'm excited to be here and talk fashion with you all. I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying safe!!

*Don't worry, I am working consistently with a fantastic therapist to work on managing the emotional and psychological aspects of this better!

Hi all! I'm Bobbie, I'm in my 20s and I'm from New York. Because I'm early in my career, I'm looking forward to learning more about fashion and developing my work style and personal style.

I believe I am a deep/dark autumn, not sure about my Kibbe type. I have trouble seeing my body objectively, but I am short, petite, large busted.

i am yamman sami, intern in erhiem.

Hello everyone.

I just signed up for the site. My plan is to lurk and see what other people are posting about (mostly I'm just a lurker :)). I am particularly interested in the Kibbe system on body types and clothing choices.

Hi Everyone,
i am suchhi . Nice to meet you all.

Hello! I signed up for this site years ago but think I lost the bookmark when moving to a new computer and then got busy with life and forgot to return!

I've been spending the past year or so trying to work out my colors/style type etc but still struggle with it all. Did a color analysis as felt the one I had done many years ago was not working for me, and found out that I was actually the opposite of what I'd been told, though truth be told, the consultant said I was tricky to diagnose, which is why I'm probably still struggling a bit to find what suits me. Also, and petite, and struggle to find styles that aren't either too young or career-dressing when it comes to that.

From a little lurking, I can see there's a lot to be learned from the posters on this forum, so I look forward to following along with my notebook in hand!

Hello, I'm Monica from Santa Clara.
Enjoy traveling and reading books.
Here to find useful advices for my house.

Hello all! I’ve been lurking on and off for the past 6 months or so, as I have been actively working on figuring out my style and rebuilding my wardrobe. Angie’s wonderful, thoughtful recent post “Dated Wardrobe Items: A Dated Concept” tipped me over the edge to sign up.

I loved fashion and style when I was younger, and then put it aside during my busy mom years. Now I’m focusing on self care more, and being able to present myself in the polished, confident way I’ve always wished to is definitely a part of that.

I struggle with the fact that the majority of woman my age where I’m from dress extremely casually, and that’s just not my style. I’ve spent years dressing down to fit in, but now there’s no reason why I have to, and I’m tired of it. I miss dresses the most, and bought myself 5 summer dresses this year. I feel like I’m getting back to “me”!

Hi everybody...I’m a short-waisted hourglass, 5’7”, currently plus-sized but heading down again. I’m very cool-complected...somewhere between a Summer and Winter (can’t do either very light pastels or very saturated strong colors). I seem to have several fashion personas, and a tendency to buy clothing and accessories that don’t fit my actual lifestyle. I’m looking to streamline my closet and hone my style as I shrink back down size-wise. You ladies seem like a fantastic source of inspiration, and I look forward to learning from and sharing with you.

Hello everyone!
I'm Juliet from Italy but currently living in Japan.
Since I moved here, I got really into fashion but I'm still trying to figure out which style suits me the best.
(I'm 29 already ugh)

I guess you can find almost everything you can imagine in my closet. I love thrift shops and I end up buying a lot...

I am Emmanuelle,
French, I am the lucky translator and editor of the "Science under the dress" by Irenee Riter. To me, she is an amazing pionner who must have had a bigger audience, because she solved the equation of the four seasons for good, which was imbalanced (and still is). She helped thousand of women to solve their "what season am I really and for good ?" question.
I am working on getting the french ladies to enjoy her powerfull method.
And I would like to create a forum like this one, so I am curious about everything here.

Hey all I go by Birdie! I'm so thrilled to have found this forum!

I'm an Instagram outfits blogger https://www.instagram.com/birdiesoutfits/
Feel free to check some of my outfit ideas and let me know what you think.

Great to meet you all!!!

Hi everyone, nice to meet you all! I joined this forum to get some fashion-clarity for myself and I’ve been reading it a lot. So helpful and very inspiring!

I'd describe my style as a mix of simple, classic, comfy, modern, retro, fun and flirty.

I'm very happy I found this forum!

Hi All,

Wanted to reintroduce myself. I was a regular here years ago...and for several years. I recognize some familiar faces, but lots of new ones too!
For those of you who remember me- here's the quick catch up. After my divorce, I went back to school. I graduated with my AA from the local community College, and moved from the desert to the beach to complete my B.A. in Psychology. After working forthright years at IKEA, I am now in my first real post- grad position. I am a Housing Specialist in a program for women facing homelessness, and I enjoy it My kids are both out on their own and doing well, and....I'm getting married in October!
Now that I'm finally buying work clothes, I've been disappointed at the options I'm finding, which is what drew me back here....

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Hi everyone! So nice to meet you!

My name is Sophia. I'm in my late twenties and I live in Oregon an hour or so from Portland with my husband our sweet pup named Lucky. I'm a freelance copyeditor and proofreader. I've been reading YLF for years since I noticed my mom reading it (thanks mom!) and finally decided to join the forum because I love how positive, helpful, and fun it seems. I enjoy discussing fashion and style so this looks like the perfect place for that.

I love fashion and personal style and would say that exploring my personal style is one of my main hobbies. I just love using style to express myself, and am working on dressing for myself no matter what. I live in a very casual city and work from home so sometimes I struggle to let go of the pressure to dress to match my circumstances or social circle.

I am inspired by people like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Rosemary (a blogger from the UK), Julia Berolzheimer (aka Gal Meets Glam), Taylor Swift, and Alexa Chung. I also love getting style ideas from tv shows, movies, and books. My favorite fashion decades are the '60s, '70s, and '90s.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

I’m a fifty year old professor coming to terms with my wardrobe. I’ve wasted far too much money on clothes I never wear because they aren’t comfortable, don’t suit me, or don’t fit my lifestyle. I happily wear leggings with boots, tunics, and toppers when it is cool out but really struggle with warm weather. I love layers, natural fabrics, black, and dark neutrals. I prefer a small wardrobe that is mix and match. Garanimals for adults

Reader of the forum signed up to add my two cents occasionally

Just joined, my name is Michele and I am glad to join this forum. I need help with deciding on what looks flattering on my figure and what does not. I welcome all suggestions. I love feminine, relaxed. Bohemian style of the 70s. I also love casual Street style such as Gisele Bunchin, Jennifer Anniston.