Hi, I am new to the forum. I am 56 years old and I live in Greece. I am 5.4 in height and muscular from years of weight training. I am between an inverted triangle and hour glass in shape. I love frugal fashion and finding a bargain. My clothes have to take me from the gym to a posh dinner and everything in between so I have a mix and match wardrobe that I wear about 85 percent of. I have a challenge finding sleeves stretchy enough to accommodate my muscular arms and the same with jeans for my legs as my waist is small compared to them! I also have problems getting bras that fit correctly with my body shape. Despite the muscular build I like to look really feminine when I go out in the evenings. At the moment things are very difficult here in Greece with all the extra taxes and cuts to income, so I am altering the clothes I have, swapping some, or buying only bargains that I need. Nice to meet you all, I love reading all the posts on here.

Hello, I am Sharon, now 22 years old in L.A

Hello I am Tonya from London.

Hi Sharonz, tonya and 2 tonsils, lovely to have you here, look forward to getting to know you and your style.

Hello all----

I don't think I've done an intro here before but .. I'm Tracey, I've been around and read quite a bit but don't always post. I've started to post more because I'm at the fashion crisis phase in my life and I want help.

I'm in the Seattle area so I always love when Angie gives Seattle commentary. I work at the big A here and it gives me a whole new reason to shop there.

My biggest shopping "issue" is money. I don't have much!

I'm pretty good at figuring out what I need and I try to buy quality items that last. It means buying less in a period of time but I like that the clothes last multiple years. I'm a fairly simple dresser--I'm not into things that are fussy or that I'm inclined to fidget with so that eliminates a lot of things!

Anyway .. hello ..

Hello to everyone , cyruswella is here to get introduced with all of you.

Hello everyone!

My name is Amy, I'm 32 years old, living in Connecticut. I work full time outside of the home and also go to school part time. I've been married for 8 years now and have a 4 year old son.

I am trying to redefine my closet and only keep what I absolutely love and look and feel good in. It's been slow going.

Hi eperdu, cyruswella & Amy - welcome to the forum.


I came across the site when I was searching for "short waisted" and got to 2009 post:

I guess I am not your classical member, as most seem to be female Other than that I am hoping to get some help (it might be that men are more clueless when it comes to fashion than women).

Hope its ok If not I would appreciate some pointers (and web addresses) to some forum/webpage that deals with male fashion

Best regards

Hi! I'm new to posting around here but have been reading for a while. I'm 35, married with 2 young kids (and have been pregnant or breastfeeding or both for the past 4 years, which has affected my body size significantly!). I'm a hair under 5ft tall, currently ~116 lbs with an hourglass to pear shape. I aim for a streamlined, minimalist wardrobe. I'm currently in a postdoc program in Washington DC but aiming for an academic job soon...business casual to a little bit nicer is good. I don't wear heels well due to flat feet, a low threshold for discomfort and public transport commute, but I'm branching out a bit. My style is clean and classic (Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn are what I aspire to). Thanks everyone and looking forward to getting to know you.

I just joined after learning about YLF from my local AWC chapter, where Angie and Greg Cox will soon be making an appearance (unfortunately I'll be away from Seattle and won't be able to attend). First off, I'd like to confess that I dread shopping. One of my hopes from joining YLF is to finally get over this.

I'm pretty "plain jane" when it comes to how I dress, but I love to follow the ready-to-wear collection seasons and am totally inspired by them as a writer. In spring 2011, while watching Suzy Menkes interview Nina Ricci’s Peter Copping, I had the following thoughts: the designing process is similar to the writing process and a runway collection is like a collection of stories or poems. Soon after, I started writing what I call "fashion tales," which I recently moved over to Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/onceuponarunway/

My current favorite designers are Miuccia Prada, Mary Katrantzou, and Karl Lagerfeld but I always have lots of favorite looks from each ready-to-wear season. Oh, and I'm a Project Runway junkie too.

I'm looking forward to getting over my shopping woes with the help of the YLF community!


New here, so I will introduce myself. My name is Rae, I'm 28, I'm from eastern Canada and I came here looking for info on how to pare down my wardrobe to a nice, neat collection of very functional, versatile, minimalistic, classic, quality pieces. I've gotten rid of a ton of my wardrobe over the past year or 2, and now I'm looking to purchase a few well made pieces.

I have 2 young boys, and since I wear a uniform to work each day, and tend to change into lounge wear when at home in the evening. I don't need a huge wardrobe. I hate having too many choices and I want everything to work well together. So I'll be hoping to steadily replacing my current wardrobe with beautiful, lasting garments over the next while, and I'm excited to get some inspiration and help in choosing from all the ladies here!

Welcome, RunnerRae!
How far East? I'm from just outside Moncton.

Hi, I'm a longtime member who is rejoining the fashion world after a two year hiatus. Looking forward to "meeting" the new members, reconnecting with other longtime members and finding out what has changed in the last few years. Cheers!

L'abeille - originally From Halifax area. Currently in Fredericton right now!

Hi everyone. I'm Louise and I am 53 years old. I am 5'1", and 165 lbs. That puts me on the upper edge of petite sizing. I am an hourglass to pear shape. I hate shopping. Retail stores scare me! I shop thrift stores when I have to, because I can take all the time in the world making up my mind. Yep, I suffer from indecision due to my ignorance of all things fashion related.

Lately I've been checking out online shopping, but am very nervous to take the plunge. So much of what I try on in the stores doesn't fit me that I hesitate to order something online, only to have to pay to send it back for a different size/item.

I am married with two grown daughters. I live in Canada in a definite 4 season climate! It gets very cold here in winter (-50 C with the wind chill factored in). It is difficult to dress fashionably AND warmly. The latter is a must. The first is optional. But it would be nice to be able to do both.

Louise, I've experienced a few very negative experiences with online shopping, so unless you're familiar with the brand's sizing, I'd say it's a definite don't!

Hello Everyone!!

I just discovered youlookfab.com this morning. A YLF veteran posted the link to my blog on a forum thread and I followed it here

My name is Lady T. I am a nurse, who has recently returned to university for a career change in psychology. I am also a North American woman who has been wrestling with a shopping problem for over a decade now. As of September 1st, 2012- I have made a commitment to myself to stop all unnecessary spending.

In order to unsure success I must grow and become more aware of the elements at play. I recently started a blog to examine and to hopefully resolve my relationship with money and in particular shopping for clothes. I've been investigating my causal relationship between myself, my life and my compulsive behavior of shopping. I invite you all to have a look and share with friends whom you think would find it interesting and perhaps helpful.

I believe in order to change my behavior, I need to understand what influences it from the get-go.

If you're interested please check my site out:

I would be happy and grateful for your thoughts.

Lady T

Hi! I am another new member and another longtime reader! I enjoy YLF so much but am only now ready to participate in the forum.
I am 54 years old, live near Boston, work in an elementary school, and would describe my style as simple and classic. The MOTG formulas work for me!
I am excited and still a little apprehensive about posting...

Hi everyone! I am 34, live in Vancouver, married, no kids, and work in the design/architecture industry.

My office is fairly casual (nice jeans, tailored tops and flats most days), but I'm surrounded by fashionable people and I'm having to attend more and more business meetings these days.

I desperately need a wardrobe revamp but I'm on a very tight budget -- I'm willing to invest in a few key pieces that will take my wardrobe up a notch, so I'd love some advice and help from YLF-ers!

I'm an inverted triangle / cornet shape, and gravitate toward the minimalist / modern. I also travel everywhere by bike, so I look for clothes that are well-made and have some stretch.

Gosh lots of lovely ladies, new to the forum. Welcome.

Hi ladies,

My name is Natasha. I had introduced myself last week under the profile Lady T, however I was having some problems starting conversations, so I started a new profile. I seem to have avoided the bugs I was having before.

I'm a 30 year old nurse and psychology student. I love clothes, I adore fashion yet I I've enjoyed these two things in excess over the past...10 years?

I'm here to hear and share different ideas on how to work with what I already own.
I'm new to the forum/blogging world. I recently took my self-therapy about my shopping problem to the internet on http://breakingthecontract.com
I hope that's not weird that I share the link, shameless self-promotion? No, simply looking for readers beyond my family and friends Would love some honest feedback.

Happy to have found this site. Everyone is so passionate and interesting.

Hi everyone! I've been reading for a while, but started posting just now. I'm in my mid 30s, currently going through a transition in my life with finishing grad school and applying for jobs. I'll be moving from Seattle to Vancouver BC in the next couple of months (waving to Sarah, if you meant Vancouver BC, not WA?). I'm looking to convert my tiny wardrobe into more "grown-up" compared to relaxed school style.

LadyT I will check out your blog, I am sure lots of us on YLF can relate to your situation as lots of us heart shopping!

JamC I am 54 also! Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Mann -- congrats on finishing grad school.

Sarah, Natasha -- welcome!

Hi everyone! I started posting last week but I didn't introduce myself! Sorry about that!. I'm Nat, I am from Spain but live in the US. I work for a designer from Spain, she creates amazing leather bags and accessories. Since I started working for her I have been more interested in the latest trends, although I've always loved fashion! I am 37 years old and I like to dress classy and trendy always, even if I'm just going for groceries, that is a more European thing and, where I live women basically wear suet pants, hoodies and tennis shoes! So I really look like an outsider ha ha ha!

Hello everybody, I'm new here so I thought it polite to introduce myself. I'm 24, I live in the Czech Republic and right now I'm working as an interpreter and translator at the city hall, while trying to finish my bachelor's degree in the same field. Fashion is my passion, I love dresses and vintage style. I don't wear trousers at all (if I don't count leggings, which I wear at home only). Also, I love food, but fortunately it hasn't started showing yet. I would love to post a photo of myself here, but the computer in my office says no... erm, I mean, it doesn't work here due to some network limitations from our administrators. So when I come home in the evening, I will post some outfits because I'm eager to hear what the community thinks of them. I'm also looking for some advice on how to pull off some of my vintage and vintage-inspired pieces without looking... well... grandmotherly.

Hi everyone! I found YouLookFab from Sally's constant references on Already Pretty - and after reading the blog for like, a year, decided to make an account and get some more hands-on inspiration and advice re: remixing.

I'm a youngster grad student, living in China, and I spent the last two years teaching here, so my wardrobe's already experienced 3 end-of-year purge and summer thrifting spree cycles. However, it's my third year with a lot of my stuff and I'm TIRED of it... and I have 8 more months before I can get anything new. Hopefully YFL can help me come up with creative ways to wear stuff and actually enjoy dressing up again!

Natalia, Rabbit Heart & Anne Boleyn - welcome to the Forum.

Hi everyone, it's nice to be here! I'm 46, from the Midwest now living in Connecticut. I'm trying to relearn accessorizing and make dressing with intent and inspiration more of a daily mindset. The majority of my wardrobe comes from "treasure hunting" in consignment and thrift stores (I'm addicted to the thrill of the hunt!) I'm looking forward to learning from YLF

Hi Kiki - you'll find some fantastic accessory inspiration from the other YLFers and there are a large number of thriting queens on this forum - so you will be in good company.